Shakti: Jasleen to hinder Soumya’s plan


Jasleen will be seen changing her behavior towards Soumya. Soumya is given one day time to prove her love towards Harman. She has taken the challenge to win Harman. She has to prove her innocence as well. She is sure that Harman will love her again. Soumya gets Nani and Preeto’s support. She is trying hard to prove herself right on her stand. Jasleen makes a plan against Soumya to keep her away from Harman. She adds chilly powder in Soumya’s food. Jasleen consumes the spicy food instead Soumya. She fails in her plans. Preeto taunts Jasleen and gives her water. She was aware of Jasleen’s intentions.

She swaps the food plate and teaches a lesson to Jasleen. She asks Jasleen to have sweets, as the spices of her pind isn’t suiting her. Preeto backs up Soumya. Soumya tells Harman that she has done the puja on Kareena’s saying, even when Saaya tried to stop her. She asks Harman to know the entire matter before reaching to any conclusion. Harak asks Soumya how many times will she say the story, he isn’t interested to know anything.

Preeto asks Soumya to bring out the truth. She asks Harak to listen to Soumya and understand it well. Nani tells them the truth behind the puja. She says Soumya wasn’t aware of Kareena and Raveena’s intentions and plotting, the duo didn’t wish Soumya and Harman to be together, they lied about the puja rituals to Soumya and took her for the puja, Soumya didn’t lie to anyone and just went for puja for everyone’s betterment. She tells Harman that Soumya loves him a lot and did the puja just for his sake. She tries to help Soumya. She wants Soumya and Harman’s relation to get fine. She encourages Soumya and asks her to keep trying till the end. Soumya hopes Harman forgives her and forgets the matter completely.


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