Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni to return in Bhanushali family

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Teni has returned to Bhanushali house. She has left her chawl. She has come back in Parth and Shorvori’s lives. Parth convinces her to stay with them. There is a big difference in their situation now, as Teni lost her selective memory. Teni gets dizzy when she enters Bhanushali mansion. She tries to recall and thinks she already knows the house. She likes the family members and their wonderful behavior towards her. She belongs to low class. She gets grateful that they are treating her well. She asks Parth to show her room.

Shorvori tries to comfort Teni. Teni doesn’t remember their past. She feels pressurized when she recollects some flashes. She takes Shorvori’s challenge. She decides to manage the baby. Shorvori asks Teni to take care of her baby. Parth is happy that Teni agreed to live with them in a protective environment. He doesn’t want anyone to remind Teni her past in such a way that she receives a shock. Parth and Shorvori try to keep Teni engaged.







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