Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth and Shorvori fulfill their friendship

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Parth and Shorvori couldn’t let Teni stay in the chawl, knowing she won’t be protected from the truth there. Teni has adapted her past again. Parth offers a job to Teni from Shorvori’s side. Teni accepts the job after seeing the big house of Bhanushali family. Teni doesn’t know Parth is Shorvori’s husband. She thinks Parth is a driver. Parth and Shorvori fulfill the duty of their friendship. Teni gets greedy to live in the lavish house. She doesn’t know Parth is the heir of the Bhanushali family. She finds her bag in the room and questions them. Parth makes excuses to answer her. It gets tough to convince her.

Parth and Shorvori show the room to Teni. Teni gets too excited seeing the wonderful room. She likes the comforts. She jumps on the bed and likes the soft mattress. She reacts like a kid.

Parth and Shorvori laugh hearing her words. Teni then gets a worry in mind. She asks Parth about the missing fan in her room. She says even my chawl room has a fan. Shorvori tells her that there is centralized AC in their house, but maybe she needs a fan instead AC. She says I understand you would be getting sleep by the fan sound, I will arrange a fan for you. Teni thanks Shorvori. Parth assures Teni that everything will be like she wants.







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