Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth to conceal his identity


Teni goes to a restaurant with Parth. She gets drunk. Parth controls her when she gets high. Teni shows her real avatar. Parth gets worried. Teni just wants to have more drinks. She insists Parth to have wine. He pours the wine in the plant and acts to drink it. Teni says you had it in one go, amazing. She creates a scene and shouts on waiter.
Parth is afraid that anyone can identify him. He hides his face behind the menu. He wants to make a quick leave. Parth doesn’t want Teni to know his real identity, as she can receive a shock.

Parth falls in trouble. A man identifies Parth. Parth tells him that he isn’t any rich businessman, he is a driver. The man asks is he having a fling with the girl that he is lying about his identity. Parth asks him to stop it. Parth gets into fight with the man. Waiter stops them. Waiter asks Parth not to fight and spoil their restaurant’s image. He also confirms of knowing Parth Bhanushali, as he is their old customer. Parth hurriedly pays the bill and leaves.


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