Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Ratan to disappoint the family


Everyone plans to celebrate Gangaur puja. Diya and Ratan find everyone upset. Diya questions them over their sorrow. They get to hear a bad news. Ratan’s lie makes them fall in trouble. They learn the family has turned bankrupt. Ratan tells them that its some rumors, someone wants to ruin their dignity. Mohena tells Ratan that all this is happening because of him. Ratan asks her did she go mad, why will he ruin his family reputation doing this. Yash supports Mohena. He tells Kakisa that Ratan has kept his ancestral ring mortgaged to get some money for his personal matters.

Ratan gets his ring back. Kakisa gets upset with Ratan’s move. She worries for the family’s reputation getting at stake. She asks Ratan to forget his doing, this is just a start, they will be bearing big loss because of his stupidity, the hotel business will also suffer and Kesar Mahal will lose its name. Ratan accepts that he had mortgaged the ring as part of his drama, he didn’t mean to put the family prestige at stake. He asks Kakisa to forgive him. He tells them that they didn’t go bankrupt and he will sort everything soon. Diya asks Ratan the need for doing such a drama. She questions him. Ratan feels sorry to reveal her that he did everything to get free from their marriage.


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