Shakti: Soumya gives her nod for Harman’s remarriage

Shakti Preeto suicide Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Vidya

Soumya approves Harman and Jasleen’s marriage. Jasleen is plotting against Soumya. She calls a pandit home to get marriage mahurat. Soumya tells Harman that she will look after all the arrangements. Jasleen wants to marry him to save his respect. She doesn’t want Harman to be wedded to a kinner. Harman tells Soumya that he wants divorce from her. He asks her to come with him to the lawyer. Harak tells Harman that this marriage is void, as marriage doesn’t happen with kinners, it just happens between a man and a woman.

He asks Harman not to take divorce, as its not needed. Preeto tells Harman that he should go ahead and relieve himself from the burden of his relationship. Harak tells her that he doesn’t want their respect to get ruined, the matter shouldn’t go out. Preeto shouts that she doesn’t want Harman to give divorce to Soumya, he will be ruined and he won’t even realize this, he can’t live without Soumya. Soumya asks Harman not to have any worries, as she will just do as he tells her. Soumya doesn’t want Preeto to fight for her more. She gives up her love for Harman for the sake of his happiness.


  1. Please give us our HAYA back.Throw that jasleen away into dustbin. Give strong SOUMYA nd good redemption to HARMAN. Plssssssssss don’t want Harman married to that stupid jasleen. My whole family getting tired by seeing these track .Upcoming segment seems to be irritating. If ur interested to break HAYA then SOUMYA throw those divorce papers on FACE of Harman nd give strong soumya to lead independent life nd inspire kinnars through her education. Here Harman and jasleen begin to produce d 1000 waris to enlarge their mental family. WITHOUT HAYA NO SHAKTI. Now u ruined char of Harman nd atleast if u r really trying to separate HAYA forever then at least focus on saumya journey nd make its inspiration.

  2. Init!! Agree with u! Why are they ruining the main characters in the show, harman and soumya together is the reason we watch the show. Jasleen is irritating! End her chapter asap


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