Dil Se Dil Tak: A short leap and a new entry to bring big twists


Shorvori and Parth get upset over Teni’s leaving from their lives. Shorvori makes Parth swear on their daughter and asks him about his feelings for Teni. She knows Parth loves Teni now. Parth accepts that he really loves Teni. The bitter truth shocks Shorvori. He is also confused over his feelings. Shorvori clears his dilemma. She asks him not to suppress his feelings and go in search for Teni. She doesn’t want Parth to give up his love. She asks Parth to find Teni and win her heart. Shorvori leaves her love and rights on Parth. They have an emotional conversation.

She deals with the matter maturely. She handles the big problem with a smiling face. She assures Parth that she will move on in life with their daughter. She hides her sorrow and asks Parth to follow his decision of accepting Teni.

Teni will be seen getting engaged. The show will be taking a short leap. Teni gets engaged with a sweet and simple guy Iqbal whom she meets in Delhi. They perform in their engagement. The guy objects seeing her already wearing a ring. Teni removes Parth’s ring forcibly and hurts herself. She then wears the new ring, accepting the new relation. Teni doesn’t get her memory back. She has forgotten the phase of life, which she has spent with Parth and Shorvori. Parth will be arriving back in Teni’s life to win her love.



  1. This is going to be in a list of my most hated serial….I was knowing dat they are giving importance to teni’s character nw
    ….but still hoped dat they give justice fr the legally married wife shorvari….I m getting a doubt nw…is this the same parth who married shorvari against his family fr his unconditional love?…how come he easily replace his love.it’s giving a lesson dat surrogacy may break ur family…I hate it..I hate it??

    • Really, very true ….a cheap bar girl finally wins the whole family ovrr his legally wife ..is this give any good to society …very worst story line … I love shorvory part … Was watched only for her


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