Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Gauri to clue Rahul about Indra’s plans

Rahul Gauri clash of ideologies Tellyreviews

Indra blackmails Gauri and takes her with him to Kashi. He wants her to give the Shivlings to him. Gauri asks him to spare everyone’s lives after getting Shivlings. Indra agrees to leave everyone. Gauri asks him to permit her to attend puja in Shiv temple. Indra wants her to find the Shivlings soon. Namrata proceeds with the Shivlings and wants to meet her love Rahul once. Rahul tells everyone that Indra has faked his death, he is Seth ji who had been after the Shivlings till now. He explains how Indra has been dealing with Namrata for the Shivlings. He feels upset that his brother is a criminal. Indra calls up Yashpal and informs him that Gauri is in his clutches. Yashpal doesn’t believe him. Gauri talks to Rahul and Yashpal. Indra tells Rahul that Gauri is more sensible than him. He wants Rahul to stop chasing him. Gauri knows Indra is dangerous.

Rahul and Yashpal don’t understand how Indra is getting informed about their plans. They don’t know that Minty is informing Indra about them. Yashpal is transferred. He is removed from the case. Yashpal decides to resign from the job and refuse for the promotion. Minister meets Rudra and asks him to deliver the Shivlings.


Rudra assures him about it. Thakur tells Rahul that Indra will take Gauri to Kashi. They also leave for Kashi. Rahul wants to find Gauri some how. He feels Gauri’s life is in risk. Yashpal wants to find the Shivlings. He doesn’t want to leave the case. He tells Thakur that he will find the Shivlings before he leaves. Minty informs Indra about Yashpal. Yashpal tells Rahul that they can reach Kashi soon and also track Gauri. Indra keeps an eye on Gauri. Rahul doesn’t want to leave Gauri with Indra. Gauri tries to fool Indra and escape. She writes a note for Rahul, hoping he will soon track her. Rahul visits the temple and gets to know Gauri’s message.


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