Teni and Shovrori in Dil Se Dil Tak

Dil Se Dil Tak: Destiny to plot Parth and Teni’s meet

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Parth and Teni have a hit and miss. Teni is happy in her new life with Iqbal. Parth and his daughter go shopping in the same mall. Teni meets her daughter, but doesn’t identify her. Teni fails to see Parth. Fate will bring them face to face again. The Bhanushali family celebrates Ipshita’s win in the hindi essay competition. Ipshita runs in the house and shows her trophy to everyone. Parth hugs her. She tells Parth that she has won the first prize.

Kaki asks Ipshita how did she win, when her hindi is weak. Ipshita talks like Teni. Parth sees Teni in Ipshita. He misses Teni. He tells everyone that Teni is away, but still she is here in Ipshita, when Ipshita grows up, she will have more traits like Teni. The family loves Ipshita a lot. Ipshita has thinking and behavior like Teni. Parth wishes he meets Teni soon.







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