Aapke Aa Jane Se: Stagnant situation to tire Vedika and Sahil


Sahil’s dream will be getting fulfilled. Vedika gets dressed as his wife, decked up in a red bridal saree with sindoor and suhaagan bangles. Sahil gets mesmerized seeing Vedika in such avatar. Sahil stops her and asks her to keep serving him the food. They have a moment. He imagines a happy family moment. He wishes Badi Amma accepts Vedika and eases things for Vedika and him. He wants Vedika in his life. Vedika sits in puja with him to end his Kaal yog. Sahil performs the puja with Vedika. Badi Amma has allowed Vedika so that Sahil gets saved.

Sahil’s mum fears that Sahil can die if the puja isn’t completed on time. Vedika just keeps the request of Sahil’s mum. The family wishes Sahil’s Kaal yog ends. He is happy that Vedika is with him, be it any reason. Vedika gets upset with Sahil’s behavior. She is tired explaining Sahil. She wants to get away from Sahil, but situation is bringing her back in his life. She asks Sahil to stop expecting from her. She doesn’t want Sahil to stay adamant. She tells him that she can’t marry him ever. Sahil gets hurt by her words. He is also fed up that Vedika isn’t accepting his love.

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