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Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni gets engaged to Iqbal. She tricks Iqbal by her sweet words. Iqbal’s mum also supports Teni. They pull his leg and laugh on his innocence. She tells him that someone has troubled her in the mall. Iqbal worries and suspects someone by watching a tv show. His mum also does a drama. They have a sweet family moment.


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Zoya gets set to surprise Aditya. She bears his anger and annoyance. Aditya comes to office in a drunken state. He makes her clean the crafts mess. Zoya picks up all the stuff and loses balance. She falls over him. Aditya asks her not to find ways to flirt with him. Zoya runs away from there. Mahi puts Aditya to sleep. Zoya tries to get Aditya and Pooja’s pictures. She plans to decorate his cabin with Pooja’s pictures to surprise him.

Suraj and Chakor prepare for a puja for Baisakshi. The villagers get a chance to celebrate again. Karan joins them in the celebrations. Chakor, Suraj and Karan begin their work for the development of the village. Chakor and Suraj perform a Dharti puja so that they yield good harvests. Chakor is suggested to work with Karan, since she knows the village closely. Suraj and Chakor have an argument going on. They get distant. They have different ways to assure the village development. They don’t agree on the same thing. Differences crop between them. Chakor doesn’t like Suraj’s short cut way for progress. Suraj and Chakor want the betterment of the villagers. Karan gives his different opinions to Suraj and Chakor, and make them more upset. He tries to bring a gap between SuKor. Suraj stays away from Chakor. He feels his new work isn’t good for his relationship.

Kumkum Bhagya:

After the leap, Pragya will be seen as a mother to a 7 year old girl and will be staying with new rockstar King Singh. Abhi will have a lonely and sad life without Pragya. King will be a tough competitor to Abhi in the music world. Purab and Disha will not be seen post leap. The show will have a love triangle between Abhi, Pragya and King. Although Pragya and Abhi will always love each other and their eternal love will never end, but King will eventually fall in love with Pragya.

Piyaa Albela:

The entire family supports Naren in his attempts to make Pooja smile. Naren confesses love to Pooja. Pooja has spotted Naren and Bela together. She feels Naren doesn’t love her now. She doesn’t get convinced by his love confession. She fails to believe his explanations. She decides she won’t return in Naren’s life. There will be a Mahasangam episode of Woh Apna Sa, Piyaa Albela and Kaleerein. Pooja, Jia and Meera will be taking Tridevi avatar to save Naren from Bela. Pooja swears to save Naren’s life. She wants to end Bela’s evil. Bela kidnaps Naren with a motive to kill him. Bela turns more evil.

Tu Aashiqui:
Sinha catches a little boy and asks Ahaan and Pankti to come out, else he will kill the boy. The villagers get angry and ask Sinha to leave the boy. Policeman asks them to get Ahaan and Pankti out if they want them to leave. He asks the villagers not to hide Ahaan and Pankti. He says get the lovers out if you want to avoid troubles. Sinha and inspector trouble the villagers. Sinha says JD has heard Pankti’s voice on the call, he can’t be wrong. He scolds Saku for cheating JD. Ahaan and Pankti try to leave from Saku’s house. They take a disguise to fool the goons. The villagers support Ahaan and Pankti, and doesn’t lose to Sinha’s threatening. Sinha fails to see Pankti’s face when all the ladies oppose him. The villagers take a stand for Ahaan and Pankti.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan and Diya manages to steal Royal treasure of Kesar Mahal. As per Diya’s plan, she decides to take treasure to Rampur, but Yash offers to take treasure there. Mohena spikes Yash’s water when he is taking treasure to Rampur. Yash goes to Rampur and buries the treasure. Mohena reaches there and steals the treasure when Yash falls unconscious after drinking spiked water. Diya and Ratan reach there with Police, but find the treasure stolen in reality. They get tensed and worry for Choti Thakurain’s reaction.

Laado 2:
Shaurya and Anushka walk towards Amma/Tai’s house after coming out of temple. Tai is seen coming for the other way. They see Tai, but don’t identify her. Before Anushka and Shaurya could reach Tai, Amrish gets Tai kidnapped by his goons. Amrish and Shagun don’t want Tai to tell their truth to Anushka. 10 years ago, Juhi escapes from Amrish and Shagun’s clutches when they plan to kill her after taking all her property, but Tai helps Juhi escape. Little Juhi was found by Baba Inder and he takes her home. She lands up in a worst situation. Rantej gets doubtful about Inder and very soon will find the truth about Juhi and Inder’s bad relation. Juhi stays in touch with Tai. Meanwhile, Shaurya falls ill after getting drenched in rain. Anushka reaches him to take care of him. She tries to heal his wounds. She puts extra efforts. Shaurya feels glad that Anushka is with him. Anushka assures that he gets fine. They try to meet Amma. Amma doesn’t turn up by some reason. Anushka fails to meet Amma.







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