Ishqbaaz: Obros await the right time to strike Roop

Ishqbaaz: Dadi's past relationship comes into picture

Roop captures Pinky and Shakti to use them against Shivay if things go against her. She tries to get the evidences back from Shivay. Tej and Jhanvi try to save Pinky, Shakti and Shivay from Roop. Even Omkara and Rudra stay in Roop’s bungalow and wait for Shivay so that they can get an opportunity to strike at Roop. Roop gets worried when Veer doesn’t get Anika to her. She hides the fact from Shivay, knowing he won’t abide by her if he learns Anika is not with her. She continues to blackmail Shivay. She uses Anika as a bait to catch Shivay. She compels him to remarry. She hates Anika and wants to see her on roads again. She can’t tolerate Anika getting all the luxuries in Oberoi mansion.

She wants Anika out of Shivay’s life, knowing the family will fall weak with her leaving. Shivay demands Roop to make him talk to Anika once so that he can be assured that Anika is fine. Roop lies to him that Anika is in her custody. She asks Shivay to fulfill her demands first.

He refuses to pay heed to her words unless she makes Anika converse with him. He wants to know if Anika is unharmed. Roop then conspires and stops Veer from harming Anika. Veer was close to bury Anika in the drying sand at the construction site. Roop calls him up and stops him from killing Anika. She demands him to get Anika to Oberoi mansion. Veer gets Anika back home, while Roop plans a meet with her just to brainwash her against Shivay and Oberois. Anika won’t be giving up on her beliefs on Shivay.


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