Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Rahul prepares to unmask Indra’s different avatars


Indra gets angered with Yashpal for getting the police force. He threatens of killing the devotees if Yashpal doesn’t send the police force back. He asks Yashpal to come inside and meet him in the Shiv aarti. He asks Rahul to see Gauri doing the aarti. Yashpal tries to nab Indra. He sends the police force back to the station. Rahul gets scared of Indra’s evil smartness. He doesn’t find anyone inside the temple. He asks Gauri now to be scared. He tries to save Gauri, and observes her hologram. Yashpal learns Indra has tricked them again. Rahul realizes Indra has played the games in Kaal Bhairav temple before. Yashpal meets Preeti to ask about Indra. Indra brutally stabs Yashpal. He asks Preeti to stop Rahul from following him if he wants Gauri alive. Indra makes an easy exit from there.

Rahul helps injured Yashpal and takes him to the hospital. Indra threatens Gauri for acting smart. He asks Gauri not to trouble him by lies. He scolds her for informing Rahul. Gauri tells him that she doesn’t know about Shivlings. He gives her a last chance and asks her to better mend her ways if she wants to see Rahul alive.


Minty gets scared seeing Indra stabbing Yashpal. She wishes Yashpal recovers from the attack. Indra calls up Rahul and asks him not to get scared, as Yashpal will survive his attack. Rahul asks Indra to stop chasing the Shivlings. Indra threatens to kill Rahul. He threatens Rahul about Gauri’s life. Namrata is on the way to Kashi. Rudra follows her for her safety. Some men stop Namrata and Rudra and ask them to change their route to Kashi. Doctor tells Rahul that Yashpal may get conscious till the evening. Rahul doesn’t want Yashpal to die. He feels bad that his own brother is creating a havoc in everyone’s lives. Indra takes Gauri with him to Kashi. Gauri wants to do anything to risk Rahul’s life.

Gayatri wants to talk to Rahul. Inspector informs Rahul about Gayatri. Rahul meets Gayatri in the hospital. She asks him not to trust anyone. She takes Rahul’s promise that he will get Seth ji punished. Rahul promises to her that he will send Indra to jail. She gives him information about Seth ji’s bungalows. She reveals more about Seth ji who runs an ashram in Kashi. Rahul prepares to tackle Indra by visiting the ashram.


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