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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Naamkarann: Avni tries to find Mogli everywhere. She panics when she doesn’t see him anywhere. She calls Shweta to take Neil’s help. Prakash gets worried knowing that Mogli is missing. He stops himself from telling the truth to Neil. Neil assures him that he will find Mogli. Prakash wishes Mogli is fine. Shweta asks him not to worry, Neil will surely find Mogli. Neil reaches Avni and asks her to tell what happened that Mogli left the house. Avni feels guilty and tells her mistake to shout at Mogli. Neil asks her to calm down. Sunehri asks Avni to reveal the truth to Neil. Avni doesn’t listen. Neil asks Avni to think where can Mogli go, if he has any favorite place.



    Satya motivates Susheel by reverse psychology. He tells everyone that Susheel can’t fight back, she is a loser and has already disappointed the people. His bitter words inspire Susheel to get up and fight with Jessica, who cheated Susheel in the game to get her down. Susheel fights in an injured state and makes her way to victory, which comes as a big happiness for the family. Even her Dada ji gets happy with her victory. Susheel makes everyone proud by making a name in the wrestling world. Susheel levels her scores with Jessica by changing her anger into her strengths. Susheel and Jessica get into the final round. Leela makes plans to get Susheel killed.

    Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

    Indra gets angered with Yashpal for getting the police force. He threatens of killing the devotees if Yashpal doesn’t send the police force back. He asks Yashpal to come inside and meet him in the Shiv aarti. He asks Rahul to see Gauri doing the aarti. Yashpal tries to nab Indra. He sends the police force back to the station. Rahul gets scared of Indra’s evil smartness. He doesn’t find anyone inside the temple. He asks Gauri now to be scared. He tries to save Gauri, and observes her hologram. Yashpal learns Indra has tricked them again. Rahul realizes Indra has played the games in Kaal Bhairav temple before. Yashpal meets Preeti to ask about Indra. Indra brutally stabs Yashpal. He asks Preeti to stop Rahul from following him if he wants Gauri alive. Indra makes an easy exit from there.


    Shivay gets conscious and senses Anika in danger. He tries to contact her. He gets to talk to Roop. He asks Roop to make him talk to Anika once. Roop lies to him that Anika is with her. She asks him to think of the evidence folder which is back with her. She compels him to remarry. He puts a condition that he needs to talk to Anika first. Roop instructs Veer to get Anika to her. Veer tells Roop that he will get Anika, but in a dead state. He tells her that he also wants revenge like her. Roop asks him not to be foolish and get Anika. She asks Veer not to ruin her revenge plans. He gets angry on Anika’s humiliation. She tells him that Shivay will get mad if he learns Anika is dead. Veer doesn’t get scared of Shivay. Roop asks him to think of using Anika as a pawn to tackle Oberois. Veer doesn’t want to agree to her.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik and Naira get to learn more about Suhana. The reporter tells them that Suhana has cheated many people. He warns them to be safe from Suhana, who could be dangerous. Rahul feels Naira is very smart. Suhana asks him to let her teach a lesson to Naira. Rahul asks her to calm down. He doesn’t want their plans to fail. Lav and Kush get tired and fall asleep. Suhana makes a plan to rob the jewelry. Surekha asks Suhana to get a beauty treatment. Suhana feels trapped. Naira keeps an eye on Suhana. She tries to gather proof against Suhana. Kartik tells Naksh that the family will not spare Suhana when she is exposed. Dadi treats Savita and Rahul well. Rahul gets stuck with the family. Naira gets to see another side of Suhana’s truth. Suhana gets hint of Naira’s planning.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Someone panics Ishita by informing her about Raman’s accident. Ishita leaves from home to find Raman. Raman and Ruhi come home and learn about Ishita going somewhere. They get the address. Ishita reaches the place to find Raman. She gets chased by Sonakshi’s spirit. She doesn’t understand who is playing with her life. Ishita acts smart to capture the person acting as Sonakshi’s spirit. She gets face to face with the spirit. Sonakshi reveals her hatred towards Ishita. Ishita wants to know the reason behind the enmity. She tells Sonakshi that she doesn’t believe in spirits and knows that its all her game. She ties up Sonakshi and asks her to speak out her intentions. She tells Sonakshi that she can’t win by using her fears. She doesn’t want to hurt her family.

    Jiji Maa:
    Falguni confesses her love to Suyash. She tells Suyash that she loves him a lot. Suyash likes her sweet words. Falguni gets attacked by Dilip, who tries to drown her down. Uttara finds Jayant with some foreigner, and takes his class. She asks him to spend time with his wife than helping young girls as a guide. Jayant likes the fresh view in Goa. Uttara knows to limit his sight. Jayant tells her that she can never change. Suyash finds Falguni in danger. He looks for her and rescues her from drowning.

    Dilip gets away from there on seeing Suyash. Suyash saves Falguni’s life. Uttara gets angered that her enemy got saved. She makes another plan to attack Falguni. She scolds Dilip for failing in his work. Vidhaan tries to lighten Falguni’s tension. Falguni tells everyone that someone tried to pull her under the water. Uttara tells them that this can never happen. She calls it Falguni’s phobia. Uttara asks Dilip to not miss the chance again. He asks her to make Suyash away from Falguni. Falguni gets into a fight to save a girl from misbehaving men. She threatens the men about police. The girl thanks Falguni for help. Falguni asks the girl to enjoy her holidays and learn to protect herself. Niyati decides to have a photo shoot and meets a designer, who is Suyash’s good friend. Suyash dances with his friend. Falguni gets jealous seeing Suyash with his friend. Suyash takes up the task to arrange the photo shoot for Niyati. He finds Falguni angry on him. Dilip reaches Falguni and kidnaps her, while Suyash stays engaged.



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