TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Shubham/Aryan’s friend Kabeer has been stalking Naira since he first saw her in Aryan’s engagement ceremony. Kabeer gets smitted by her beauty. He gets floored after seeing Naira’s dance performance in the sangeet ceremony. He turns angry knowing Savita is trying to spoil Naira’s beauty. Kabeer teaches a lesson to Savita. He decides to not spare anyone who plots against Naira or tries to harm her. Kabeer learns about Suhana’s vicious motives against Naira. He wants to protect Naira, being her obsessed lover. He then follows Naira’s online profile on her dance academy website and leaves a lovely comment to win her heart. Naira just takes it as a fan’s comment and gets impressed. She shares her happiness with Kartik.

Jiji Maa: Falguni and Suyash spend some good time in Goa, along with the family. Dilip attacks Falguni by taking advantage of the tidal shores. He assures Uttara that Falguni’s murder will appear as an accident, as everyone will assume her to be drown to death. Dilip pulls Falguni under the water and tries to drown her. Falguni doesn’t know swimming. She struggles to call out to Suyash and seek help. Suyash finds Falguni sinking and reaches her in time to rescue her. Dilip makes an escape from there.



Harman realizes his love for Soumya and shows his concern for her. Soumya wishes him to be happy always and hopes he gets all the happiness which he deserves. Harman realizes that he will soon lose Soumya forever after his marriage with Jasleen. He comes to know about Surbhi blackmailing Harak Singh and questions Soumya why she didn’t tell him. Soumya asks him to stay away from worries and concentrate on his marriage.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

Indra learns about Rahul and Yashpal’s plan to nab him. He gets angered that they took his warning light and came following again. Indra manages to save himself from entire police force. Indra makes his way to counter his enemies. Preeti tries to warn Yashpal about Indra. In no time, Indra stabs Yashpal in front of Preeti. He takes advantage of Rahul’s absence. Indra runs away from the temple. Rahul gets informed by the doctor that Gayatri is in the hospital. Gayatri tells doctor that she wants to meet Rahul. Rahul knows her request and tries to meet her. Gayatri wishes to give him clues about Indra.


Roop captures Pinky and Shakti to use them against Shivay if things go against her. She tries to get the evidences back from Shivay. Tej and Jhanvi try to save Pinky, Shakti and Shivay from Roop. Even Omkara and Rudra stay in Roop’s bungalow and wait for Shivay so that they can get an opportunity to strike at Roop. Roop gets worried when Veer doesn’t get Anika to her. She hides the fact from Shivay, knowing he won’t abide by her if he learns Anika is not with her. She continues to blackmail Shivay. She uses Anika as a bait to catch Shivay. She compels him to remarry. She hates Anika and wants to see her on roads again. She can’t tolerate Anika getting all the luxuries in Oberoi mansion.

Tu Aashiqui:

Pankti stays scared while Ahaan comforts her by his singing. They fall in trouble when police reaches close. JD comes to Saku’s house and gets to see Pankti in disguise. Saku introduces Pankti as her daughter. JD gets suspicious that Saku is hiding Pankti to help her out. He waits to confirm his doubt. Ahaan and Pankti perform dance with the villagers during Saku’s daughter’s marriage celebrations. Ahaan gets relieved that JD is gone away. Ahaan gets romantic and confesses love to Pankti in front of everyone.


Neil declares his decision to his family that he will be marrying Mitali. He expresses his wish to move on in his life just for the sake of their happiness. He pretends to be happy, away from Avni. Avni learns the news and gets upset. She wishes Neil stays happy in his new life with Mitali. It becomes a heartbreaking moment for her when she learns about Neil and Mitali’s engagement. Avni stays determined to not step in Neil’s life again. On the other hand, Kamini’s hatred for Saisha and Avni intensifies. She can’t tolerate Saisha at home. She gets angry that KK is not under her control now. She decides to attack Avni and her loved ones. Kamini gets mad for revenge.


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