Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth to receive Teni’s wedding invitation

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Parth sees Teni in the mall. He meets Iqbal and talks friendly. Iqbal invites him for his wedding. Ipshita checks the card and reads aloud Iqbal weds Teni. Parth gets restless on hearing Teni’s name. Indu tells Parth that Teni is a common name and it can be anyone. Parth isn’t sure and worries. He tells Indu that he has seen Teni. Indu doesn’t agree that its their Teni, who will cheat them and marry Iqbal. Indu assumes Teni has regained her memory and she can’t marry someone else, when she is already married to Parth.

Indu will realize that Teni’s memory didn’t return completely. Indu pacifies Parth. Parth will intervene in Teni and Iqbal’s lives, as he is in love with Teni. He doesn’t want Teni to regret for her remarriage later, when she regains her memory. He knows Teni would be taking a wrong step. He would be confronting Teni and remind her about their marriage.







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