Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth decides to meet Teni


Teni is preparing for her new life. She begins her marriage shopping. Parth is restless after seeing her wedding invitation card. He wants to meet Teni once. Indu consoles Parth. She tells him that their Teni can’t marry anyone, as she loved him. She asks Parth not to doubt on his love. Parth too doesn’t want to believe her, but he tells his mum that Teni was in front of his eyes, but didn’t identify him, maybe her memory didn’t come back. Teni wants to take her life’s decisions on her own.

Indu tells him that maybe Teni didn’t identify him on seeing him suddenly, he can go to the address mentioned in the card and find out. Parth tells her that if he finds Teni there, he will not do anything, he will allow Teni to marry Iqbal, as she has all rights to live her life as she wants. Parth shares his sorrow with Teni’s picture. He sheds tears. He decides to meet Iqbal and know about Teni.

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