Ishqbaaz: Anika to fall in Roop’s tricky trap

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Shivay is left with no option than to go ahead for the remarriage. He wants to talk to Anika. He isn’t aware that Anika is around. He senses Anika close and looks for her. Roop separates them. Rudra disguises himself as a pandit to fail Roop’s plotting and save Shivay. Roop limits Anika from going out. She asks her to sit back and watch Shivay’s remarriage. She invites Tej and Jhanvi. Pinky tries to take help from Tej. Roop suspects them. She asks them to just enjoy the marriage ceremony and bless the newly weds. Roop is happy that they are getting trapped in her plans. Pinky helps Omkara and Rudra in stopping Shivay’s remarriage. Omkara assures her that Shivika’s union can’t be ruined.

Roop asks Shivay to get ready quickly. She asks him to be happy while he marries, as he is helpless and has to marry any how. She asks him to know about the bride.

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Shivay warns her against saying anything against Anika. She tells him about the girl chosen for him. She calls the bride and asks Shivay to just see his bride. Shivay refuses to see the bride and asks Roop to go ahead with the preparations. He wants to gain the evidence from Roop and reach Anika soon. Pandit blesses Rudra for taking big risk for his brother. Rudra thanks Pandit and assures that Khanna will be dropping him home safely. Rudra is sure that Roop can’t identity him. Omkara too changes his getup. He protects Rudra by taking a goon’s avatar. Omkara asks Rudra to talk less and not make any mistake, which can ruin their plan. Shivay reaches the altar to continue the drama. He wants to get the evidence and solve the mess. He sits in the altar. Anika sees him from the other side of the glass chamber and gets shattered. She can’t believe Roop. She knows its Shivay’s plan to cheat Roop.

Shivay asks Roop to give him the evidence against Anika’s dad. Roop asks him to make a choice and save either of his family or Anika’s dad. Anika can’t hear their conversation. Shivay chooses Anika’s dad and wants to prove his innocence. Roop asks him how can he forget his own family. Pinky supports Shivay’s decision. Roop asks Shivay to fulfill marriage rituals and then get the evidence. Rudra chants the fake marriage mantras. Shivay feels bad to be helpless. He doesn’t imagine he would have to do the rituals.

Anika witnesses his fake marriage and can’t tolerate the heartbreaking sight. Anika shatters seeing Shivay. Shivay asks Pinky to do something. Pinky tries to help out Roop. Roop wants revenge from Shivay and Anika. She wants to destroy Oberois and Anika. Shivay doesn’t want to do the drama that can hurt Anika’s heart. Anika gets mistaken seeing the marriage rituals. Her belief on Shivay starts weakening. Anika sheds tears on losing her love. Roop then hands over the evidence to Shivay and cheats him. Anika falls in Roop’s tricky trap.


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