YRKKH Love at first sight for Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kabeer gets driven by his obsession for Naira

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Manish thanks Naira and Kartik for understanding Aryan’s love and also respecting his feelings. He praises Naira for exposing Suhana. Aryan realizes his mistake. Manish makes Aryan and Suwarna know their fault for blindly believing someone. Aryan gets heartbroken and loses belief in love. He leaves from the house to stay alone for some time. Naira gets Savita, Suhana and Rahul arrested. She takes away all the jewelry back from them. Naira solves the mess. Suhana makes a leave from Goenka house. Suwarna apologizes to Manish. She feels bad for Aryan who lost his first love. Manish isn’t annoyed with Suwarna. He knows she did this to support her son and gain his love. Kartik and Naira ask Suwarna to be happy that they got saved from Suhana, as the marriage didn’t happen. Suwarna fears for Aryan’s sorrow.

Kabeer reaches Aryan and gives him wine to forget his pain and sorrow. He gets Aryan drunk so that he can manage an entry in Goenka house. The family worries for Aryan. Kartik wants to find Aryan. Kabeer gets Aryan home and helps the Goenkas. He tells them that Aryan was roaming on the roads in a drunken state. He gets close to Naira and turns happy. Kirti gets upset thinking for Aryan’s emotional state. Naksh pacifies her. He asks her not to think much as everything will get fine. He tells her that the entire family will support Aryan in his bad phase. Suwarna feels Aryan didn’t deserve this. She sheds tears for her son’s pain. She prays that everything gets better in Aryan’s life.

Kabeer tells the family that he wants to live with Aryan to lessen his sorrow. Kartik allows him to stay back. Kabeer stares at Naira. He gets obsessed with her. Kabeer acts as a good friend in front of Kartik and Naira. Manish consoles Suwarna. The family wishes Aryan becomes sensible with this fate striking him this way. They ask Suwarna to hope for the best. Naitik and Kirti don’t get sleep because of the stress. They sit talking and lessen each other’s stress. Naitik too doesn’t want to stress Naksh by his problems. He plays video game with Kirti. Kirti gets happy to get a loving father in law. Kabeer spies over Kaira’s bedroom. Naira sights him around and wakes up Kartik. Kartik misses to see Kabeer. Kabeer turns more crazy for Naira.


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