Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil to support Arya’s dreams

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Finally Sahil-Vedika have a union

Sahil supports Arya and asks her to participate in the dance competition. Vedika asks him why did he let Arya go, the times aren’t good, girls are not safe, and we have no money to get costumes for her. He tells her that Arya is his daughter too, he doesn’t need money from her, he can manage all expenses to keep Arya happy. Vedika tells him that Arya isn’t his daughter. Their thinking have much difference. He tells her that person can make a career in dance these days, she shouldn’t stop Arya.

Vedika tells him that Arya is young and can’t handle things, she is concerned for her daughter. Sahil is interested to take decisions in Vedika’s family. He permits Arya to go and dance. When Vedika doesn’t listen, Sahil dances for her and ends the arguments. Vedika gives up. Sahil gets smiling that Vedika accepted his decision. Sahil gets Mohit home and surprises Arya. He tells Aryan that Mohit will teach her dance. Mohit is Nidhi’s brother. Nidhi gets glad seeing her brother.

Nidhi understands the clash between Sahil and Vedika can surely drift them away. She wants to take advantage of Arya and influence Vedika. She tells Badi Amma whatever is happening in Vedika’s house. Badi Amma asks Nidhi to use Arya against Vedika and Sahil’s terms. She is sure that Vedika will not tolerate Sahil if Arya falls in trouble because of him. Vedika worries for Arya’s safety. Sahil doesn’t think anything negative and is sure that things will go on smooth. Nidhi knows Vedika can do anything for her daughter.

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