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Ishqbaaz: Anika to witness Shivay’s staged wedding

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Roop threatens Shivay to get married in order to get the proofs from her. Shivay faces a painful moment when he has to do the rituals, even in the drama. Anika is sure that Shivay can’t cheat him. She then sees Shivay taking the wedding rounds with the bride. She gets heartbroken. She falls in Roop’s words and feels Shivay has cheated her. Roop gets happy that Shivay’s marriage got completed. She hands over the wrong evidence folder to him, which upsets him more.

Shivay wants to prove Anika’s dad innocent. Anika wants to see if Shivay will solve the mess. Shivay asks Roop to hand over the suicide note which can prove Anika’s dad innocent. He doesn’t want the pictures which proves his family’s innocent. Roop manipulates Anika and Shivay, by cleverly switching the evidences.

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Roop tells Shivay that she is ahead of them always. She asks Shivay not to expect her to give the game in his hands. She keeps new conditions and asks Shivay to kick out Anika from his house. Anika’s trust and heart breaks. Roop cheats Oberois as well as Anika too. Roop depicts to Anika that Shivay isn’t interested in her and her dad’s innocence. She meets Anika and asks her not to cry for Shivay, who doesn’t deserve her.

She tells Anika that Shivay has chosen his family instead her. She asks Anika to end ties with Shivay. She lies that Shivay has burnt the suicide note and ended the evidence against her dad. She gives the evidence copy to Anika as well. She asks Anika to go against Shivay and frame the Oberois. She asks Anika to get revenge from Shivay and Oberois by getting them arrested. She urges Anika to prove her dad’s innocence, as its her right to do so.

Anika doesn’t want to go against Shivay. She tells Roop that she can’t hurt her family. Roop instigates her against Shivay and entire family, who didn’t consider her important in their lives. She asks Anika to decide and clean the stain off her dad’s name. Anika wants to talk to Shivay once. Roop tells her that she has seen everything and there is nothing left to believe. Anika believes Shivay and can’t believe anything else. Roop worries that Shivay and Anika can unite if they clear their misunderstandings. She stops Anika from reaching Shivay. She gets Shivay at gunpoint. Roop asks Shivay to get a family picture. She diverts Shivay. She compels the family to appear happy in the picture.

The family reprimands Roop for stooping so low. Roop also vents her anger on them. Roop shows their happy picture to Anika, so that Anika gets influenced. Anika wants to talk out to Shivay. Roop asks Shivay to hold the bride’s hand if he wants Anika fine. She blackmails him. Shivay holds his bride, which breaks Anika’s heart. Roop tells Shivay that she has played her game and shown the fake marriage to Anika, which will believe it to be true. Shivay gets distressed knowing about Roop’s cruel plot.


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