Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Udaan: A big shocker for Suraj and Chakor

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After the bridge collapses down, an enquiry is held to know the culprit behind the faulty raw materials. Suraj gets trapped in the case. Karan asks Suraj to hide from the angry villagers and media, who have come to target him. Karan doesn’t care for the people who lost their lives in the accident. Suraj tells Karan that he is responsible for the accident and he wants to get punished. He feels its his fault that he couldn’t assure safety to his workers. Karan is also answerable about the safety measures at the site. He doesn’t want his name and image to get spoiled. Suraj and Chakor find Karan more concerned about his image, than the people dying around.

Suraj cries seeing the sight of injured people. Suraj’s clothes get blood stained. He tries to help the people. He tells Karan that he won’t hide like a coward and will speak to the media to present his stand. Suraj gets Chakor’s support. Karan gets angered when Suraj goes against him.

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Police reaches the haveli to arrest Suraj. Inspector tells Chakor that Suraj is handling the project and he is responsible for the disaster. Chakor doesn’t think Suraj is responsible, as its just an accident. Suraj feels guilty. He is heartbroken to snatch people from their families. He gets speechless when people blame him for snatching their dear ones. He doesn’t doubt on Karan. Chakor tells Suraj that he is capable and did work well, he shouldn’t blame himself. Suraj feels he didn’t do his work sincerely and that’s the cause of the bridge falling down. Chakor fails to stop Suraj’s arrest. She wants to save Suraj by finding out the real culprit behind the disaster. Police takes Suraj with them. Tejaswini asks Chakor to do something and stop Suraj’s arrest. Chakor pledges to prove Suraj’s innocence.






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