Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to prove her belief in Raman

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Ishita meets Arushi and tells her that Raman isn’t involved in Sonakshi’s death. She shows the different letterheads and asks Arushi to understand that Raman is innocent. She cleans Raman’s name from the matter. She asks Arushi to find out who has trapped Sonakshi. She promises to get justice for Sonakshi. Arushi feels sorry to trouble her. Inspector asks Mihika to check the CCTV footage to know who has stolen her card. Mihika asks Aaliya to go for the meeting, she will go with Bala to find the thief.

Aaliya goes office and meets Adi. Adi finds bad to see her at office. He asks her not to give a presentation, as he has also prepared one. Aaliya doesn’t want her efforts to get waste. They get into an argument. Raman asks them not to create an issue in front of the clients. Aaliya keeps her point and wins Raman’s favor.

Mihika and Bala check the CCTV footage and see Shravan paying with Mihika’s card. They can’t believe that Shravan has stolen her card. Mihika manages the matter. She tells Bala that Shravan can’t do this, there is some misunderstanding. Bala gets worried for Shravan. Adi and Aaliya give the presentation together. Mani gives the project to Raman. He likes Aaliya’s proposal more.


Adi gets upset when Aaliya snatches his post in office. Adi tells Raman that Mani is biased and chosen Aaliya. Aaliya finds her proposal better to win. Adi doesn’t accept his failure. Raman understands Aaliya. He finds hard to explain Adi. Adi takes it on his ego. He tries to explain Raman to take his side. Raman asks Adi to stop his nonsense.

Arushi thinks of Sonakshi’s suicide. She also wants to know who cheated Sonakshi. She gets attacked by someone. Ishita learns about the attack. Arushi fights with the attacker and runs out of her home. Ishita reaches Raman and informs him about the attack on Arushi. Arushi comes to Raman’s office to meet Ishita. Raman recognizes her as Sonakshi, which surprises Ishita. Arushi tells him that she is Sonakshi’s twin sister Arushi. Raman tells Ishita that he knows Sonakshi, who had met him for job placement.

He tells Arushi that Sonakshi wasn’t qualified for the job, so he didn’t recruit her. Ishita tells Raman that she will tell him about Arushi later. Bala confronts Shravan about the credit card. Shravan tells him about the card gifted by Parmeet. Ishita and Raman look after Arushi. Raman provides security to Arushi. Ishita asks Arushi to trust Raman, who is very helpful. Arushi still suspects Raman. She refuses to file a police complaint to investigate Sonakshi’s matter. Ishita wants to solve the matter for Raman’s sake. Mani learns about Adi and Roshni’s affair.


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