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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Rahul and Gauri to have a clash of ideologies

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Rahul informs Thakur that Gauri and he are safe and they have the Shivlings too. He tells that they are soon taking the Shivlings back to the village. He reveals about his address to Thakur. Rahul tells his plans and awaits Thakur near some temple. Thakur shares the good news with everyone. Devendra informs this to someone secretly.

Rahul, Namrata and Gauri travel with the Shivlings. They wait for Thakur, and get surrounded by Indra and his goons. Indra manages to reach them to get back the Shivlings. Indra threatens them. He asks them to show the Shivlings to him. Rahul and Gauri manage to run away. Namrata gets left alone. Thakur and Lakhan reach there on time and get into a fight with Indra. Devendra takes the lead in the fight and follows Indra’s car.

Thakur rescues Rahul and Gauri. Devendra tries to nab Indra. He finds Indra inside a car. Indra stabs Devendra as well. He warns the constables against targeting him, else they will be dead too. Indra flees. Namrata also follows Indra by getting into his car. Rahul plans to take Shivlings to police station first. He asks Gauri not to have blind devotion, many people are losing lives because of the Shivlings. He doesn’t want anyone like Indra to kill people to get the holy Shivlings. They all agree with Rahul to stop the blood shed. Rahul asks Thakur to think as the village head and decide for peace.

Thakur tells Rahul that he will support Gauri, as he also wants the Shivlings to be placed in temple. He doesn’t want Kaal Bhairav’s wrath to shower on his village. They find Indra back and understand Devendra is in trouble. They manage to hide from Indra. Indra tracks them to get Shivlings. They think about someone who has informed Indra about their planning. Thakur tells them that they won’t talk to anyone on phone as every news is reaching Indra. He tells the plan to reach the village by the jungle way. Rahul asks Latika to help him take the Shivlings to police station. Latika agrees to Rahul. They begin their way to protect the Shivlings. Gauri wants to be with Shivlings, knowing Rahul’s intentions. Gauri doesn’t believe anyone. Indra reaches them and finds them sleeping with peace. He wonders how did they take him so light. Thakur witnesses Indra’s accident. He tells everyone that Indra is finally dead.







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