Shakti: Harman’s search for Soumya continues

Shakti: A new beginning for Harman and Soumya

Soumya reaches Ludhiana. Harman tries to find Soumya everywhere. He reaches the same toy shop where Soumya tried to get a job. Harman is restless to meet her once. He just wants to apologize to Soumya for hurting her heart. Harman and Jasleen reach Ludhiana knowing about the bus Soumya caught up to leave from their pind. Jasleen is keeping a friend’s duty. She supports Harman in his search. Harman meets Soumya. Sameer tells him that he can get any sort of toy, he can gift anyone, all the toys available are really appealing.

He asks Harman not to care for money, he can’t get the toys at more cheaper rates. He tries hard to sell the toys. Harman gets a call from Preeto. He learns Harak has got shot. Harman gets a big shock and runs back to his car. He leaves for his pind. Sameer misses his customer and wishes that his business works well.

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