Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth wishes best for Teni’s new beginning


Parth is restless to know if Teni is willingly marrying Iqbal. He reaches Iqbal’s house in disguise of a worker. He meets Teni. He gets emotional seeing her. He wants to go away from her life if she is happy in her new world. He sees Teni’s marriage preparations happening. He gets lost in thoughts of their past on seeing Teni. He doesn’t tell anyone his motive of visiting them. He talks to Iqbal’s mum and gets saved. Teni sees Parth and runs away.

She collides with Iqbal. He holds her in arms and have a cute moment. Teni asks him not to break the customs, he can’t see her before marriage. Iqbal tells her that he got a new life seeing her in bridal attire, he wants to capture every moment, he loves her a lot. She asks him not to joke about everything. She worries that anything can go wrong. He assures that he will set everything right. Parth sees them together. He realizes he has lost Teni forever. He finds her happy with Iqbal. He wishes she always stay happy. He leaves from her life.

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