Naamkarann (PicFiction): Neil attempts to understand Mogli’s needs

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Avni tries to convince Mogli to go to Neil’s house. Mogli doesn’t want to go with Neil. Neil promises Mogli a good time and takes him along. Avni asks Mogli to go with his dad. Neil takes Mogli home. They stop on the way. Neil cheers up Mogli. Avni starts missing Mogli. Sunehri asks Avni not to worry for Mogli, Neil will take good care of him. Avni fears that Mogli won’t be able to adjust. Neil gets Mogli home. The family members pamper Avni. Mogli wishes Avni was with him. He wants both of his parents. Neil shows a room to Mogli. He tells Mogli some superhero stories. He asks Mogli to feel like home. He assures that Mogli gets everything which he likes. He finds Mogli upset. He tries his best to understand Mogli’s needs. He knows Mogli is missing his mother.

He fails to understand how to cheer Mogli. Avni meets a couple who come for adoption. Avni takes some time to decide about their approval. She wants to assure that the kid stays happy with the new family. She doesn’t get content soon. She worries for the kids’ adoption, which seem to happy with ease, like someone’s plotting.

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Mitali gets Mogli’s favorite icecream. Mogli wants Avni with him in Neil’s house. He doesn’t know the problems between his parents. Mogli feels Neil is making him away from his mother, for whom he longs more. Neil gets angry on Mogli because of his frustration on Avni. Prakash asks Neil not to lose his temper. Neil feels sorry that he got angry on Mogli. Neil gets Mogli to Avni. He tells Avni that he isn’t making Mogli away from her. He asks Avni is she feeding wrong things in Mogli’s mind. He gets accusing Avni for snatching his son. Avni tries to make Neil understand that she knows Mogli the best and she can make him a better person by the best possible upbringing.







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