Naamkarann: Neil and Avni’s clash for custody continues

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Neil scolds Avni for making Mogli against him. She denies the blames. He asks her how can she make his son against him in order to win the custody case. He reprimands her for filling poison in a little child’s heart for her selfish motives. Avni asks him not to misunderstand her. She makes Neil think of Mogli’s feelings, how tough it is for him to adjust in a new place. Neil asks her not to fill in bad things in Mogli’s mind. He gets angered and accuses her further. Avni feels heartbroken that Neil’s hatred for her is increasing. Neil asks her not to teach hatred.

Avni tells him that Mogli has felt bad after hearing his harsh words that day when they had a fight. She asks Neil to give some time to Mogli. She justifies herself. She asks Neil to remember how to raise children. Mogli gets scared of Neil. He tells his decision to Avni that he will always stay with her. He doesn’t want to go with Neil. Avni promises Mogli to always be with him.

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Avni learns about more adoption opportunities coming their way. She doesn’t suspect the lawyer, being occupied about Mogli’s custody case. Avni and Neil meet in court and fight for their son’s custody. Neil presents his wish to raise his son, as he was away from him for ten years. Avni knows Neil can raise Mogli with better standards. She tells Neil that Mogli will need his mum. She asks Neil to understand that Mogli needs her, nothing can replace her in his life. She knows everything about Mogli, while Neil has no idea about him. Avni tells them that she can raise her child the best way. She asks Neil to accept that custody is not a simple thing, they have to think about a child’s mental comforts as well. She feels she has fulfilled all duties towards Mogli. Neil accuses her for hiding Mogli from him for ten years. He asks Avni how can she ask him about Mogli’s habits and likes, when he didn’t knew about his existence.

He accepts that Avni knows Mogli better, as she is raising Mogli since ten years like an orphan. He asks Avni not to trap him in words to show her greatness. Avni still sticks to her words that Mogli will stay happy with her. Avni asks Neil not to snatch Mogli from her. He wants to punish Avni for hiding a big truth from him. He wants Mogli in his home and family. He doesn’t give any chance to Avni. Avni fights with Neil and her own family. She feels she has lost her family. Avni learns about Prakash, who hired a lawyer to help her out. She thanks Prakash for fulfilling a father’s duty.

Prakash believes in Avni. He blesses her that she will win. She gets grateful to Prakash for supporting her, by going against Neil. Neil misses out his meet with Mitali. He tries to make up for his mistake. He takes Mitali on a lunch date. Avni doesn’t want to hurry up in adoption formalities. Kamini wants to cheat Avni. She asks the lawyer to divert Avni’s attention by using her weakness Mogli. Avni takes the kids to a park. Kamini sends a goon there to kidnap Mogli, so that Avni loses her focus on other important matters.







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