Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Kanak attempts to restore Uma’s pride


Bhabho worries because of a bad omen. Aditya bonds with the family like never before. Everyone showers love on Saras, who shows her belief in Uma. She is sure that nothing can go wrong with her, till Uma is with her. Uma promises to always support his sister. The baby shower ceremony brings happiness at home. Kanak asks the men to leave from the ceremony. Uma doesn’t want to go, as he is a doctor. Kanak sends all the men so that the women can enjoy well. Kanak asks Uma to get the gold bangles for Saras. Uma wants to stay with Saras. Kanak doesn’t listen to him. She insists Uma to get the bangles. Bhabho diverts her mind and dances with the women. She fulfills the Jhulan rasam. Saras meets with an accident when the swing breaks down.

Bhabho and Kanak get a big shock when Saras gets hurt. Kanak informs Uma about the accident. She rushes Saras to the hospital. They get stuck in traffic on the way. Kanak manages to admit Saras.

Uma reaches there to help. Doctor tells them that they already got late, they couldn’t save Saras’ child. Uma gets disheartened knowing about Saras’ miscarriage. He feels he has failed to his duty as a brother. He thinks of the promise given to Saras. He shares his sorrow with Kanak. He gets scared to face Saras. Kanak consoles Uma. Kanak gets an idea and calls up Aditya to execute it. Kanak wants to restore Uma’s pride. Kanak aims to get a mobile bike ambulance so that patients aren’t left at risk in the hour of need. Kanak surprises Uma and eases his medical facilities. Uma feels proud of Kanak.

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