Ishqbaaz: Viraj’s cheap tactics to turn Shivay furious

Ishqbaaz: Shivay's shocking methods to settle scores

Shivay gets angry on the management. He asks the lady to get the ramp cleared. He doesn’t want any mistake from her team. The lady in turn gets angry on Anika. Shivay’s fake bride Pooja gets ready to accompany him for the fashion show. Shivay is helpless because of Roop to pretend and accept Pooja as his wife publicly. He tells the family that he wants justice for Anika’s dad, even if Anika has done wrong with them. Pooja lies to Gauri and gains sympathy. Gauri feels bad for Pooja, who is mending herself for Shivay’s sake. Pooja’s intentions aren’t known to the family. The family asks Shivay not to take along Pooja for the show. Shivay tells them that he has to obey Roop till he gets the evidence from her. Shivay, Pooja and other family members arrive at the event, which comes as a shocker for Anika. Anika hides from Shivay. She sees Shivay with his fake wife Pooja. Anika turns heartbroken.

She assumes Shivay to be happily married. She thinks Shivay and his wife are on good terms. Shivay clears out to Pooja that she isn’t his wife. He asks her to stay away and not claim any rights. Shivay gets distanced from her. Pooja is happy to get his wife’s status in front of the world. She makes a plan to get Oberoi status. Anika decides to quit the job and leave. She gets spotted by Gauri. Anika tries hard to hide from her. Gauri wishes Anika comes back in their lives. Shivay and his brothers talk to the media. Viraj throws attitude at Shivay once again. He plans to defame Shivay. On the other hand, Pooja sticks around Shivay to get her place. Anika tries to make a leave from the show. She is asked to walk on the ramp in place of the main model, who got injured because of her mistake.

Viraj commands Anika to walk on the ramp with him. He wants to give a shocker to Shivay by having his wife on the ramp. Anika refuses to walk on the ramp. Viraj tells her that it will be Shivay’s big loss and insult if the fashion event fails. Anika doesn’t want any defamation for Shivay. She gets decked up to go on the ramp with Viraj. Shivay gets a huge shock on finding Anika with Viraj. Media talks about Shivay’s first wife walking the ramp with Viraj. Viraj tries to outdo Shivay. He feels he has given a good answer to Shivay by his move. Anika falls weak on seeing Shivay. Viraj acts cheap with Anika to anger Shivay. Viraj then claims to be ignorant of the fact that Anika is Shivay’s ex-wife. He gets insulting Anika to insult Shivay. Shivay gets raging on Anika’s insult. Shivay takes a step to hit Viraj and teach him a lesson. Anika’s presence affects Shivay again.



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