Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni to question Parth over their past

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Parth is happy seeing Teni’s happiness. Teni meets him. She wants to know her relation with him. She tells him that she wants all her answers. She says I m worried, I want to know who are you and why you are after me, what are you hiding, say the truth to me right away. Parth asks her what does she want to know. He asks her to happily marry Iqbal. Parth calls up Indu. He tells Indu that Teni is getting married, she is very happy with Iqbal. He says I have decided to let Teni move on, I won’t remind the past to Teni. Teni overhears him and asks him what will he not remind her. She takes his phone and talks on the call.

She asks Indu why are they still after her, what game are they playing. She says I remember my life, what don’t I remember, you can tell me what’s my relation with Parth. Parth snatches phone from her and disconnects the call. He doesn’t let Indu tell anything to Teni. He lies to Teni about old incidents. She says there is something fishy, I can’t believe you, you have risked your life to save me, there is some connection that you care for me so much. They have a cute moment. She gets angry when he holds her. She asks him not to act smart. Parth angrily asks her to question herself and know her feelings. He says you will get all the answers once you look into your heart.







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