Susheel's existence

Ikyawann (PicFiction): Satya turns happy to know Susheel’s survival

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Sarthi threatens Leela about revealing her crime to Satya. Leela stops her from reaching Satya. Sarthi tells her that she will tell everything to Satya and family. Leela tells her that Susheel is alive. She promises to get evidence of Susheel’s existence. Sarthi gives her time to prove her innocence. She meets Satya and tells him that Soumya didn’t get caught till now. She wants some clue against Leela. Satya loses his cool when he finds Sarthi hiding something from him. He asks her what is happening that she isn’t tensed about Susheel. She breaks the truth to him that Susheel is alive. He gets too happy knowing the good news.

Satya then learns Susheel’s planning against Leela. Sarthi doesn’t reveal him much. Satya tells Sarthi that Susheel never lets anything wrong happen with anyone. Satya wants to meet Susheel. Sarthi says Susheel doesn’t want to meet anyone till her plan works out against Leela. Satya wants Susheel to succeed. He feels Susheel still hates him, as she is not aware of his love and changed heart.

Leela starts finding clues to prove that Susheel is alive. She meets Sejal at the bank. She cooks up a story. She wants to find Susheel any way. Sarthi asks Satya to have patience, Susheel will surely come to meet him. She tells him that their plan is working, Leela is getting trapped. He asks her to request Susheel to meet him once. Leela gets scared sighting Susheel at home. She then changes her words in front of the family. Satya gears up to meet Susheel. He plans a surprise for her. Satya decides to confess his love to Susheel. Satya and Sarthi hide the planning from Kali and Sejal, who feel positive seeing Satya happy. He tells them that they will find Susheel soon.






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