Jiji Maa: Falguni to involve Suyash in her plans

Jiji Maa: Suyash to conceal his critical illness

Uttara doubts on Laser. She asks Shom to find out all details about Laser. She calls Falguni home. Falguni steps in Rawat Villa. She wants to trouble Falguni more. She gets insulting Falguni. She asks Falguni to take away her sewing machine. Maharaj meets Falguni. He tells her about the changed situation at home. Uttara finds Maharaj crying. She asks Falguni did she make Maharaj cry by her bad deeds. She asks Maharaj to leave the job if he has any sympathy for Falguni. Maharaj apologizes to her. Uttara boasts that she has a big heart. She asks Falguni to take her machine and leave.

Falguni asks Uttara not to touch her mum’s last sign. Uttara and Falguni argue. Niyati signs Falguni not to drag the matter and leave. Suyash happens to meet Falguni. They have a sweet moment. Suyash stays silent and doesn’t want to listen to her. Falguni too waits for the time when she exposes Uttara. Falguni makes a leave from here. Falguni takes disguise of Laser. She meets Suyash on the way. Suyash doesn’t recognize her. She asks him for lift. She makes a plan and takes Suyash to the village so that she can show him Uttara’s truth.


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