Naamkarann: Avni to reprimand Neil over his negligence

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Neil awaits Mogli after winning his custody. Avni hugs Mogli and keeps all his memories. She feeds him his favorite icecream. She showers love on him. They have an emotional moment. She asks Mogli to respect Neil and family. She can’t think of her life without him. She gives his favorite superman toy. She asks him to stay with Neil happily. She packs his bag. She makes sure that all his needs are met. Avni sends Mogli with Neil. She sees his toys and sheds tears. Avni thinks of sending away Mogli with a heavy heart. She gets the news from Neil that Mogli is unwell. She worriedly rushes to Neil’s house and meets Mogli.

Mogli gets happy on seeing his mum. Avni feeds him food. She takes care of him and stays back at Neil’s house. She is hurt seeing Mogli’s state. She scolds Neil. She holds Neil responsible for being careless. She tells Neil that she had given him the list of Mogli’s allergies. She asks him why couldn’t he check the list before feeding Mogli.

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He apologizes that he didn’t read the list, as its first day of Mogli’s arrival, but he was going to read it soon, he didn’t know this would happen. She says parents have to be prepared for everything. He tells her that Mitali has fed Mogli, she had no idea about it. She tells him that Mitali would not know about Mogli, it was his duty to take care of him. Neil panics seeing Mogli’s high fever. Neil feels bad that Mogli got unwell because of his negligence. Avni then gets Mogli recovered by her love. Neil thanks her for the care and wants her to leave. Neil promises to look after Mogli well. Will Neil understand Mogli’s needs and accept Avni back in his life? Keep reading.







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