TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay and Bulbul have romance. Bulbul recalls the promise made to Mandira. She maintains distance from Vijay. He doesn’t let Bulbul avoid his feelings. Vijay asks Bulbul if anything is bothering her. Bulbul gets happy when Vijay confesses love to her. Vijay asks her to confess love to him. Bulbul doesn’t fulfill his wish. Bulbul and Vijay have sweet moments. Mandira spies on Vijay. She is worried as Vijay is believing Pankaj. She doesn’t want Vijay to fall in any new trouble. She tells Vijay that he shouldn’t trust anyone. She asks him to be careful of Pankaj. She wants to help Vijay.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Badimaa gets unwell after the accident. Vedika gets some water which can make Badimaa fine. Vedika tells the family the importance of pure water, which can give a life to an ailing person. Sahil thanks Vedika for saving Badimaa’s life. Nidhi wants to knock off Badimaa from her way.

Laado 2:


Shaurya and Anushka are finding Juhi. Their distance will be ending during their journey. Anushka hugs Shaurya. They have a moment. Shaurya was after her love till now. He started avoiding her, which made a difference in her life. He feels no one can stop him from meeting his Juhi. He has accepted Anushka’s truth. He forgives Anushka. He understands she was helpless because of Dadi’s illness. Anushka gets glad that he didn’t hold any grudge. They have one motive, that’s to find Juhi. He gets to know Anushka’s thinking. She is really touched by her life’s experiences. She tells him that she will always support him in his search.


Kareena and Raveena send goons after Soumya to kill her. Soumya falls in big danger. She shouts for help. Saaya reaches Soumya to save her life. Saaya and other kinners beat the goons. Kareena and Raveena were doing this crime on Harak’s command. Kareena hates Soumya. She wants to ruin Soumya’s life. She wants revenge to get fulfilled at any cost. Soumya gets protected from the evil.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan’s Ek Vivaah event gets a huge drama. Diya plans to prove Ratan’s truth. The family reaches the royal hotel for the event. They enjoy the fashion show. The models exhibit the bridal jewelry. Many foreigners come for the event. Brides’ traditional styling from various cities of India is displayed. Chote Thakursa gets on stage and thanks the guests for coming. He tells them that he will gift pearls to the guests to honor them. Diya and Ratan celebrate the different cultures of the states. The pearls necklace brings a twist. The lights go off and the pearl necklace get stolen. Diya will be exposing the imposter.


Satya and Sarthi are trying to expose Leela’s crimes. Leela spots Susheel again. Susheel is scaring Leela as a ghost. Leela tells Sarthi that she has seen Susheel at home. She fails to prove anything. Kali and Sejal feel Leela is playing some game. Sarthi threatens to Leela that she will get her arrested. Leela fails to prove that Susheel is alive. Sarthi asks Leela to meet a doctor. Leela tells them that she is fine. She doesn’t blurt out her truth. Satya also wants Leela to admit her crimes. He wants to punish Leela. Sarthi knows Susheel is alive. Satya is fighting the battle for Susheel’s sake.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara doubts on Laser. She asks Shom to find out all details about Laser. She calls Falguni home. Falguni steps in Rawat Villa. She wants to trouble Falguni more. She gets insulting Falguni. She asks Falguni to take away her sewing machine. Maharaj meets Falguni. He tells her about the changed situation at home. Uttara finds Maharaj crying. She asks Falguni did she make Maharaj cry by her bad deeds. She asks Maharaj to leave the job if he has any sympathy for Falguni. Maharaj apologizes to her. Uttara boasts that she has a big heart. She asks Falguni to take her machine and leave.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth is happy seeing Teni’s happiness. Teni meets him. She wants to know her relation with him. She tells him that she wants all her answers. She says I m worried, I want to know who are you and why you are after me, what are you hiding, say the truth to me right away. Parth asks her what does she want to know. He asks her to happily marry Iqbal. Parth calls up Indu. He tells Indu that Teni is getting married, she is very happy with Iqbal. He says I have decided to let Teni move on, I won’t remind the past to Teni. Teni overhears him and asks him what will he not remind her. She takes his phone and talks on the call.


Neil awaits Mogli after winning his custody. Avni hugs Mogli and keeps all his memories. She feeds him his favorite icecream. She showers love on him. They have an emotional moment. She asks Mogli to respect Neil and family. She can’t think of her life without him. She gives his favorite superman toy. She asks him to stay with Neil happily. She packs his bag. She makes sure that all his needs are met. Avni sends Mogli with Neil. She sees his toys and sheds tears. Avni thinks of sending away Mogli with a heavy heart. She gets the news from Neil that Mogli is unwell. She worriedly rushes to Neil’s house and meets Mogli.


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