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Mogli falls sick. He demands Neil to call Avni home. Neil calls Avni for Mogli’s sake. Neil and Avni come closer to take care of Mogli. They both take care of Mogli, who falls unwell. Mogli holds their hands and asks them to be together as a perfect family. Mogli wants both of his parents. Mitali finds Neil and Avni together.

Mitali gets jealous. She doesn’t want to get in Neil’s life forcibly. She wishes Neil unites with Avni if he really loves her. She doesn’t want to get selfish, knowing Neil won’t be happy with her, and won’t be able to keep her happy if he loves Avni. Avni checks Mogli’s temperature and cares for him. She makes Neil realize his mistake. She asks Neil to look after Mogli well.


Soumya has decided to make teddy bears to help Sameer. She tells Sameer that he doesn’t need to buy teddy or soft toys from anywhere, since she knows making soft toys well. She adds that he won’t need to spend extra money, he can make more profits if they make their own toy range. Sameer gets happy with Soumya’s help. He tells her that she has come to his house as Laxmi ji. Sameer and his mum get impressed with Soumya. His business started working because of Soumya.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita and Ruhi have an argument. Ruhi questions her about Parmeet’s blackmailing. She is much worried for Ishita, but the latter doesn’t tell her anything. Ruhi feels wrong when Ishita behaves weird. Ruhi doesn’t know what to do to make things fine. She asks Ishita to reveal the problem to her. Ishita asks Ruhi not to interfere in elders’ matters.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara keeps a special meet to defend Kabeer in front of the investors. Zara wants Kabeer’s work to get fine. She tells them that she wants to assist Kabeer in his work. Kabeer wants to manage everything alone. He doesn’t like her style of working. Zara tells her parents that she wants a Madarsa to be made. She regrets to upset Kabeer before. She asks Kabeer to let her rectify her mistake. He didn’t wish his project to get disclosed in front of everyone. He wanted to prove to his dad and the world that he can do better work. When Zara surprises him and takes the work without his permission, he gets much hurt. He wants to be independent and prove his capabilities. He asks her why did she not inform him about the meeting before. She tells her noble intentions, while he asks her to realize her mistake of spoiling his work further. Zara and Kabeer misunderstand each other.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren plays a prank on Meghna. He tells Meghna that Kunal has refused to marry her. Meghna gets worried. Naren pulls her leg. Pooja stops Naren. She tells Meghna that Kunal and his family is now ready to accept her, the marriage will get a date. She says Kunal is happy with the marriage, and now Meghna can happily welcome the future. Meghna and Kunal’s marriage gets fixed again by Pooja and Naren’s efforts. The family celebrates the good news. Meghna gets ready for the pre-marriage functions. Meghna enjoys the haldi ceremony. Everyone wants Meghna to be happy. Kunal gets the haldi for Meghna. He assures her that he will always be with her. Naren and Rahul take Meghna for her haldi rasam.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya is finding a way to expose the imposter. Diya and Ratan learn the dangerous motive of fake Ratan, who wants to kill many people. They realize that fake Ratan is actually a terrorist. Fake Ratan wants to blast Kesar Mahal. Ratan tells Diya that he has seen Mithi with explosives. Diya welcomes the foreign delegates and ministers at the event. Diya wants to fail the evil person’s motive. Ratan and Diya perform on a song by taking disguise. They conceal their identities. Ratan makes the guests out and saves their lives. Diya diverts the imposter by her dance moves. The police reaches the place and takes control of the situation. Ratan and Diya smartly fail the imposter’s plans and save innocent lives.

Vivaan and Roma get leaving in their car. Meera angrily throws the water on the windscreen to stop Vivaan. Meera gives him another chance to argue. Vivaan wants to find out if his mum is really alive, why did she abandon him before. Roma doesn’t want Meera to prove the facts. She is wishing to control Vivaan like always. Vivaan visits the NGO to know the truth. Roma accompanies him to stop him from finding anything. She creates hurdles in Vivaan’s way. Vivaan demands the NGO head to reveal everything about his mum’s past. The man lies to Vivaan about his mum. Vivaan feels his mum had left him and his sister at a young age for her own selfish motives. He gets sorrowful knowing his mum’s past.

Susheel meets Leela and scolds her for attempting to kill her. Susheel wants Leela to admit her crimes. She has come back home with her master plan. She scares Satya and asks Leela to admit everything. Leela gets Satya and asks him to see Susheel threatening him. Satya is also helping Susheel in her plans. Susheel acts like a ghost. She asks Leela to get ready to die. Leela asks Satya to help her. Satya tells Leela that Susheel isn’t there, she is just imagining Susheel, maybe out of any guilt to trouble her. Leela really believes Satya and thinks Susheel has come back as a spirit to take revenge from her.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni tries to meet Shambu. She catches a man for doing wrong. She scolds the health officer. She asks him why is he charging for the free medicines. She tells him that villagers will not tolerate this. She injects the health officer to teach him a lesson. Falguni becomes bold in her new avatar of Lajwanti/Laser. She becomes an angel for the villagers. Falguni wants to sort out the villagers’ problems, knowing Uttara is the root cause of it. She has tolerated a lot of troubles posed by Uttara. She has lost Suyash and his love, just because of Uttara’s manipulations. She starts settling scores with Uttara by helping the deserving villagers. Falguni brings new hope for the villagers. She teaches them the power of unity.


Suraj and Chakor spend a romantic time in Kashmir. Suraj shouts out his love to Chakor. He tells the world that he loves his wife a lot, but his wife is someone who doesn’t care for him. Chakor stops him from shouting. Chakor too confesses love to him. Suraj and Chakor have few filmi romance. They sing and dance in between the snowy mountains. They like to spend time near the bonfire. Chakor finds the work trip a perfect one for the family holiday. Suraj takes care of Saanvi. He thanks Chakor for giving him all the happiness. Suraj and Chakor’s happy moments shatter when Suraj gets kidnapped by the militants. Suraj manages to escape from their clutches. He tries reaching Chakor. He gets caught by them again. Suraj gets tortured by the militants. Chakor wishes to find Suraj soon.


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