Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita to find Suraj’s crime

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Ishita stays stressed about Kiran’s matter. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer get into an argument. Raman defends the Iyers, who are also against Kiran’s crime. Mrs. Iyer tells Raman about Kiran’s behavior. She feels someone has trapped Kiran in the matter. She also doubts on Kiran’s intentions. Ishita and Raman have a belief that Kiran isn’t bad hearted. They think someone blackmailing Kiran into running the illegal racket. They ask Mrs. Iyer to help them by keeping an eye on Kiran. Ishita asks her to keep them informed. She doesn’t want her mum to fall in any trouble.

Kiran worries on finding the family’s annoyance. She tries to win their hearts again. Mrs. Iyer keeps a watch on her. Adi helps Aaliya in her work. She surprises Aaliya and wishes her all the best for the meeting. She gets touched by his lovely gestures.

Aaliya believes Adi is really putting efforts in their relation. Adi’s romantic side brings a smile on her face. She gets really happy. Kiran gets tricked by Iyers. She feels guilty to hurt the family. Aaliya learns about Adi’s surprise for her, when Shravan tells him about the new phone bought by Adi. She awaits Adi coming with the brand new phone for her. Roshni stays tensed about her relationship growing. She tries to control her emotions. She wants to face Adi once and tell him that she doesn’t want to take their relation ahead. Mani asks Raman and Ishita to support Aaliya while she is preparing for her big presentation. Raman and Ishita get pleased with Aaliya’s good work.

Raman and Ishita get informed by Mrs. Iyer about Kiran going to meet someone in urgency. Mrs. Iyer follows Kiran. She texts the address to Ishita. Ishita tells Raman about Kiran’s meeting. They finally unveil the mystery. They receive a big shock on finding Kiran with Suraj Khanna. Raman realizes Suraj is the one who is doing fraud with them. Raman catches hold of Suraj to confront him. Bala learns about Kiran’s crime. Kiran pleads her innocence. She tells Bala that Suraj was blackmailing her. Suraj is happy that Raman doesn’t know about the family member deceiving him. He wants to ruin Raman.


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