Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil to launch a jewelry line on Vedika’s name


Sahil refuses to take up the company’s duties, as he has to fulfill his responsibilities towards Vedika and family. Vedika insists him to return home to his Badi Amma, who badly needs him after her fatal injuries. Sahil isn’t aware of Nidhi’s conspiracies. Sahil asks Vedika if she will marry him and accept his love, if he becomes a man who would become her pride. He tells her that he will do as she says, if she agreed to accept his wish. Vedika wants Sahil to manage the family business and become his family’s support. She wants Badi Amma to get happiness by Sahil’s decision. She agrees to Sahil, so that he becomes successful in life.

Sahil returns home and tells Badi Amma that he has come back to fulfill all his duties as the company’s new MD and her beloved son. Sahil turns into the MD and joins office. He starts managing the work. He does everything with the hope that Vedika will accept his love.

Later, Sahil conducts a meeting and makes Badi Amma attend it. He keeps a party at home. Nidhi helps Sahil and does his wife’s duties. Nidhi makes sure that party looks grand. He celebrates his new success. He launches a new project on Vedika and his name. He tells everyone about his love for Vedika. He misses Vedika at the function. Nidhi feels bad as she has done all the arrangements to help Sahil. She didn’t expect Sahil to launch the jewelry line titled Sadika(Sahil and Vedika). Nidhi isn’t happy as Sahil isn’t accepting her. She gets annoyed with Sahil and plans against him.

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