Ikyawann: Satya attempts to win Susheel’s trust

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Leela makes a plan to follow Susheel and find out her existence. Kali gets a surprising note from Susheel. She gets happy knowing Susheel is alive. Sejal tells Kali that she had written the note so that she could lighten her sorrowful heart. Kali feels proud of Susheel. Sarthi asks Susheel to attack Leela mentally and weaken her. Susheel asks her about Leela’s reaction. Sarthi gets confused about Leela’s lies. She tells Susheel that Satya is with them, he is helping them, he regrets for the past. Susheel learns that Satya has changed. Sarthi tells her that they need Satya, who can expose Leela’s crimes. She says Satya is informing me about Leela. Susheel feels Satya can’t be trusted so easily.

Leela and Satya follow the petrol leakage marks and reach the house. They find Susheel there. Satya doesn’t get prepared to face Susheel in front of Leela, knowing Susheel’s plans of exposing Leela. Leela confronts Susheel for fooling her. She tells Susheel that she will expose her in front of the world.

Susheel calls Sarthi to help her know Leela’s move. Leela tells Satya that Susheel was accusing her for murder and sending her to jail. Sarthi worries hearing Leela on call. Satya comes up with an idea. He tells Leela that Susheel isn’t here. He asks Leela to show him Susheel. Leela asks him to see Susheel. Satya denies to see Susheel. He gets emotional meeting Susheel’s eyes. Leela tells Satya that they have followed the petrol leakage from Susheel’s bike. Satya makes Susheel flee from there. Leela fails to prove anything when Susheel and that bike disappear. Leela wonders what’s happening.

Sarthi and Satya produce fake evidences to leave Leela perplexed. Leela doubts on her senses. Susheel gets believing Satya when he takes Leela away. Leela comes home. Satya asks Kali to treat Leela. Leela tells Kali that Susheel is alive. Kali gives medicines to Leela to calm her down. She understands what Satya is hiding. Satya doesn’t reveal much. He tells Kali that he is also missing Susheel. Sarthi tells Susheel that Satya has confused Leela and acted really smart instantly. She suggests Susheel to go to Leela’s house and hide there, as Leela won’t find her inside her own house. Susheel refuses. Sarthi asks Susheel to stay with her. She praises Satya for his helpful side. Susheel gets angry on Satya, who cheated her. Satya comes back to Susheel to apologize. He overhears her frustration. He feels sorry for himself. Satya offers her help. He asks Susheel to hate him, but believe him just once. She tells him that she can never trust Leela and him. Satya finds hard to win her trust. She reminds him the time when he humiliated and ended ties with her. She tells him that she doesn’t deserve him. Satya gets upset when she rejects the ring. She refuses to accept his love. Susheel decides to expose Leela in front of her family.






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