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Ishqbaaz: Oberois to celebrate Shivika’s reunion

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Happiness returns in Oberoi mansion with Anika’s return. Its Pinky’s birthday. Pinky demands Shivay to get Anika home. She wants her bahu with her. She doesn’t want Shivay’s happiness to get less. Everyone hides the birthday surprise from Pinky. Rudra and Bhavya have a moment while doing the decorations. Pinky asks them about the preparations. They lie about the sweet message banners, that has become a common trend. Bhavya tells Pinky that they are planning a welcome party for Anika. Pinky thinks Shivay doesn’t remember her birthday. She is a possessive mum. She doesn’t want him to forget her ever. She gets angry on Shivay for not wishing her on her birthday. She wishes Anika comes home.

Shivay convinces Anika for coming home. She makes him promise that he won’t hide anything from her again. She keeps some conditions, to which he readily agrees. He sweetly apologizes for his mistakes. Shivay tells her that he has kept her away from home so that Roop doesn’t target her to fulfill her revenge. Shivay and Anika re-unite. They get back together.

Everyone prepares to make it a special moment for Anika. The mansion gets well decorated. Anika lands at Oberoi mansion. She gets surprised. The family welcomes Anika well. Anika’s presence brings a smile on everyone’s face. Anika cuts a special cake got by Shivay.

Pinky sees Shivay busy with Anika. Her patience breaks down. She asks Shivay what’s happening, how can he just think of Anika, is there no one else living at home. She gets insecure. She blasts her anger on her son. She recollects how Shivay surprises her every year on her special day. She doesn’t scold him in a negative way, but just gets annoyed. Anika asks Shivay not to trouble Pinky more. Shivay gives a big surprise to Pinky, which makes her very happy. Shivay wishes happy birthday to the world’s best mom. He tells her that the way she protected him and the family, he feels she is the best person.

He thanks Pinky for always being with him. Shivay’s good speech calms all insecurities in Pinky’s heart. Shivay and Pinky have an emotional moment. The family then celebrates Anika’s welcome ceremony. Everyone gets the cake for Pinky and wish her happy birthday. Pinky gets too happy. Dadi also makes an entry home, and doubles the happiness. Dadi tells Pinky that Shivay can never forget his mum’s birthday. They reveal that they stayed tight-lipped because of Shivay’s orders. Pinky feels the family got completed now. She wishes Shivay and Anika always stay as each other’s strength.


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