Shivika get back together

Ishqbaaz: Shivika reunites; Shivay plans a surprise for Anika

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Shivay learns Anika’s innocence. He tells Pinky that he believes Anika a lot. He tells them that he always knew the truth that Roop has done this by Anika’s name. He tells Roop that he doesn’t hate Anika, he knows Anika can’t do wrong with the family. He asks Roop to understand what revenge got for her, she has lost her son as well. Roop threatens to ruin Shivay and Anika. Pinky slaps Roop and tells her that she can’t do anything. Roop admits all her crimes. She tells Shivay that she has instigated Anika to give the fake evidence against Oberois to the police. She reveals that Anika refused to go against Shivay and that’s why she had to intervene to ruin them. Shivay tells Roop that he will get her arrested. Roop tells him that he can’t do anything as he has no evidence against her.

Shivay tells her that he has collected evidence against her. He keeps her confession recording. He doesn’t get Roop arrested. He asks Roop not to harm the family again, else he will throw her in jail. He sends Roop for mental treatment. He finds her losing it all after Veer’s death. Roop gets crazy. Shivay hopes Roop values their relations some day. Shivay gets happy that Pinky got fine.

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Pinky asks Shivay to find Anika and get her home. The family asks him if he knows about Anika. Shivay tells them that he knows about Anika. He goes to the taxi stand to find Anika. He doesn’t want Anika to leave from his life. He doesn’t see her. He gets shattered thinking she has gone too far from him. Just then, Anika appears in front of him. They both meet and sort out their differences. He asks her why didn’t she wait for him and believe Roop.

Anika asks him not to blame her anymore. She asks him to better convince her, better than showing arrogance towards her. Shivay confesses love to her. He tells Anika that he didn’t wish to tell her anything, as he wanted to show her by choosing her and her family this time. He tells her that he has chosen her over his own family, because he loves her a lot. He reveals that he wanted to prove her dad’s innocence, so that she can feel proud of her dad. He asks her why did she get away from him.

She apologizes for leaving away from him. She tells him that it was heartbreaking for her to see him marrying someone else. She tells how Roop manipulated her. She asks him why didn’t he find her. He tells her that he knew about her whereabouts, but he didn’t wish to take her home, so that he can protect her. She asks him about Pinky. He asks her to promise him, she won’t disappear again. He asks her to come home with him and meet Pinky, who is awaiting her. She asks him not to hide anything from her again. He promises her that he will never leave her. He promises to always keep their love and faith. He agrees to her conditions and convinces her. She likes the sweet talking. They have a romantic moment in the rain.

Shivay gets Anika home. Pinky does her aarti and welcomes her home. She wishes everything gets fine. Rudra feels everything has fallen in the right place now. He asks them to keep a party. Omkara asks Gauri to let Anika spend time with Shivay. He asks her to better spend time with him. Shivay and Anika catch cold. Shivay surprises Anika. He shows her the redecorated room. Anika gets happy seeing the colorful room. She asks him how did he change so much. He tells her that he missed her and wanted to feel her around. She likes his surprise a lot. They confess love to each other. She tells him that her happiness lies in him. Shivika’s reunion moments turn more surprising.


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