Kartik and Naira to unite

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira to deal with the stalker’s tortures

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Naira realizes Kabeer is her stalker, who is ruining her life since a long time. She finds the nail marks and realizes he is the one whom she has injured in an attempt to catch. Naira secretly tells Kartik about Kabeer, who is their culprit. She asks him not to react. Kartik calms down and holds his anger. He praises Kabeer’s dancing. He asks the participants to take a break.

Naira and Kartik tell the family about Kabeer, who is the one torturing them. Kabeer gets a doubt on them, seeing them staring. Kartik asks them not to react, else they will lose Kabeer. Kabeer flees from Goenka house. He proves his crime by running away. Kartik and guards follow him to catch him. Manish tries to get Kabeer caught up by the police. Naira gets terrified thinking of Kabeer, who stayed around her. The women ask Naira not to take any tension about Kabeer.

They ask Naira to believe the family, who will always protect her. Naira isolates herself to deal with her sorrow. She sheds tears thinking of Kirti’s miscarriage, that happened because of Kabeer. Kartik and Manish try to increase the security at home. Manish tells Kartik that Kabeer can’t reach close to Naira now. They aren’t aware that Kabeer is still inside their house. Kabeer reaches Naira while she locks herself in the washroom. Kabeer tells Naira that he is crazy about her, he really loves her a lot. He asks her to come out to him. He gets threatening her in his madness.

Naira gets scared of him. Kabeer proposes her for marriage. He tells her that if she screams and calls anyone for help, she will lose that person forever. Naira gets frightened. The women don’t know about Kabeer’s presence at home. They give some time to Naira so that she gets fine. They wish Naira gains back her courage and fights with this sorrow. Kabeer shows the mangalsutra and bridal saree he bought for Naira. He asks her to dress up in the saree and marry him. Naira refuses to obey.

Kabeer turns mad. He demands her to accept his love. She scolds him for deceiving them. She asks him how could he backstab Shubham as a friend. She regrets to have him in between the family. She tells him that she will never listen to him. Kartik and Manish raid Kabeer’s house. They get a big shock seeing Naira’s cut out and numerous pictures. Kartik doesn’t want to spare Kabeer. Manish calms down Kartik. Everyone prays for Naira. They want Naira to deal with her emotional let down. Kabeer tells Naira that he loves her a lot, he has been dreaming day and night about her. He shows his sick side to her. He tells her that her attitude and anger attracts him more to her.

Naira’s call connects to Dadi. The women hear Kabeer’s conversation with Naira. They try to mock a drama and fool Kabeer. Naira understands why Dadi is speaking ill about her by seeing the ongoing call. Dadi informs Kartik about Kabeer’s presence in Naira’s room. Kartik tells Manish about Kabeer torturing Naira. Kartik rushes towards the house to save Naira. The women fool Kabeer and catch hold of him. They succeed to protect Naira. Kirti also reaches there to get justice. The women join hands to punish Kabeer. They plan a public humiliation for Kabeer. They torture Kabeer and drag him on the roads.


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