Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika to mentor Sahil in his new task

Aapke Aa Jane Se

Sahil doesn’t agree to the workers demand. He tells them that they can’t convince him for anything by protesting. He doesn’t understand the workers’ demands and needs. He feels they are wrong to get against the company who is helping them earn. He doesn’t understand the worker and company’s bond. He comes home and tells Vedika about the bad day at office. He says its a big loss for the company, since the workers are on strike. He tells her the entire matter of the workers rebelling against his decisions. Vedika explains him that he has to keep expectations of his family. She makes him realize his mistake.

She asks him not to disrespect workers, all the workers of low and high ranks hold equal importance in an organization, since they all serve the same purpose, that’s the progress of the company, everyone is important and do their work sincerely. She says when everyone works together hand in hand, the company gets success.


She asks him to understand getting victory for all. Sahil understands her point. He promises her that he will win and get the company on right track. He tells her that he can just get her when he become successful. Sahil returns to the company and meets the workers to end their strike. He calmly hears their demands and recollects Vedika’s words. He prepares to befriend the workers and accept their demands to have a healthy work environment in office. On the other hand, Nidhi gets the locker keys from Badi Amma. She gets stealing cash from the locker. She aims to rob off everything and make Sahil’s family bankrupt.


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