Bepannaah: Aditya to maturely handle family clashes

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Pooja’s mum Sakshi keeps Pooja’s jewelry mortgaged. Aditya’s mum Anjana learns the matter and informs him. Aditya has to either support his mum or Sakshi. Anjana and Sakshi have an argument. Anjana feels its a deceive with Aditya. She scolds Sakshi for cheating them, just like Pooja cheated them. Aditya then sides with Pooja’s mum. Anjana shows the proof against Sakshi. Aditya asks Anjana to talk with manners. Anjana asks him to believe her, she isn’t mad to shout without any reason. She shows the receipt and tells Aditya that Sakshi has sold Pooja’s bridal jewelry. She asks Sakshi why did she sell jewelry for money, what was the need.

Aditya tells Sakshi that she could have shared the problem with them. He feels Sakshi is lonely and helpless. He tells Anjana that they should feel ashamed to not win Sakshi’s trust, if they had a good relation with Sakshi, she would have come to them on own and shared the problem.

He asks Anjana to befriend Sakshi if she wants to share her problems. He consoles Sakshi and asks her the problem. He assures her that everything will get fine. Anjana dislikes Aditya supporting Sakshi. Meanwhile, Noor is happy to get a job in the radio station. Zoya asks her to ask their parents about the shift timings. She asks Noor not to go out at night. Noor is positive. She tells Zoya that her radio program will be on air at night. She gets excited. Zoya tells her that she will be stressed about her. Noor tells her that she will talk to their parents and take their permission. She asks Zoya not to worry.






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