Ishqbaaz: Celebrations to get doubled by surprising entries

Ishqbaaz: Celebrations times for Oberois

After Anika’s return, everyone gets more pampering Anika. Gauri spends time with Anika. They recollect their childhood moments with their dad. Shivay gets glad to see them happy. He wanted them to have this happiness in life. He tells Omkara that both of the sisters deserved this happiness. Omkara tells him that they should leave them to themselves. Shivay takes him along for a serious talk.

Rudra joins the brothers and adds his humor effects. He asks them if Gauri and Anika have thrown them out of the rooms. Shivay clears that they have given them some time to spend. Rudra asks them not to turn jealous seeing the sisters’ bonding. Shivay asks him to spend time with brothers like before. Rudra feels lucky that Bhavya is free to be with him. Shivay and Omkara miss out their wives, who talk non stop for hours. Rudra tells them that their chance will never come.


Shivay and Omkara sleep near the pool while waiting for their partners’ call. They try to hide this from Rudra, who catches them red handed. He makes fun of them. He tells them that Gauri and Anika really deserve their union. The brothers think of Gauri and Anika’s bad childhood.

Pinky tries reminding Shakti that her birthday is arriving. She tells him that Shivay always remembers her birthday and plans something special. She bets that Shivay would be planning something bigger this time. Shakti wishes her all the best. Shivay plans a party to celebrate Anika’s return home. Shivay involves the family members in the preparations. Pinky learns Shivay is throwing the party for Anika, not her. She gets bit upset.

Shivay asks Pinky to be part of the celebrations. He decides to get Sahil and Dadi home, so that their happiness gets doubled. Shivay gets Sahil and Dadi home. Anika gets happiness on seeing her brother home. She introduces him to their sister Gauri. Pinky stays hopeful that Shivay will remember her birthday any time soon. Pinky turns happy to meet Dadi. Everyone likes the surprise by Shivay. Shivay tells them that he has called Dadi home just to add up to their good times. Pinky shares the bad happenings that occurred in the family in Dadi’s absence. She finds it good that Dadi has come back on the right time, when her birthday is due. Pinky gets great expectations for her birthday.

She gets the necklace delivered at home. She thinks its Shivay’s gift for her. Shivay takes away the costly necklace from Pinky by mentioning that the special gift is for Anika. Pinky feels she deserves Shivay’s attention too. She hopes that he will come up with some surprise soon before her birthday ends. Rudra and Bhavya slip into a romantic moment while doing the decorations. Pinky gets hopeful seeing the preparations. They again lie to her about Anika’s party, leaving her frustrated.

Shivay takes Anika on a drive. He asks her not to get all his attention, else they might miss on their route. Anika asks him to drive carefully. He tells her that he knows all her tricks to steal his glance.

She stops him from bumping anywhere and mocks him on his vigilance. He tells her that he can pay equal attention to her and his driving. He proves it to her by driving rashly. Gauri and Omkara also get involved in the decorations. They spend some sweet moments together. Pinky turns too disappointed when she finds everyone just concerned for Anika. She feels bad that she has lost Shivay to Anika. She can’t believe Shivay changed so much. She gears up to confront Shivay over his priorities.


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