Kundali Bhagya (PicFiction): Preeta to prove her strong belief in Karan

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Neil murders Tapsi on Prithvi’s orders and asks him to get the money ready else he will parcel the dead body. Prithvi doesn’t want to give him money, but agrees when Neil threatens him. Shristi witnesses the murder and gets scared. Neil and his goon get her dupatta when she tries to run away from there. They try to catch her, but she manages to escape. One of the goon identifies her dupatta to be of Preeta. Neil tells that they have to kidnap the girl and kill her as she is the eye witness of the murder. Preeta searches for Shrishti worriedly. Shrishti reaches home and hugs Janki telling her about witnessing Neil murdering a girl and is now he is on her lookout as she is witness.

Sameer talks to Shrishti and finds her tensed. He calls Preeta and tells her that Shrishti is in home. Preeta reaches home. She gets a relief finding Shrishti fine. Shrishti stays in the trauma.

Rakhi calls Preeta and invites her family for puja. Preeta assures her that they will come. Meanwhile, Neil and his goons come to Sarla’s house to kill Preeta. They realize soon that Shrishti was the one who witnessed the crime. They kidnap Shrishti and take her from there. Preeta, Rishabh, Karan and Sameer get shocked and begin searching for Shrishti. Shristi struggles for her life at kidnappers’ place. Preeta tries to save Shrishti from Neil and wonders why she was kidnapped. Prithvi accuses Karan for Taapsi’s murder. Preeta takes a stand for Karan and tells that he can’t murder anyone. Prithvi wants Preeta and Karan’s friendship to end. Preeta proves her belief in Karan, which makes the latter glad.






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