Pooja finds Naren

Piyaa Albela: Pooja vows to protect Meghna’s happiness

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Pooja applies haldi on Meghna’s hand. Pooja sees Sherwani which men of the house will wear and asks them to wear something else. She asks Naren not to wear black Sherwani as she has seen it in her premonition. She thinks if they don’t wear that sherwani, then nothing wrong will happen with Meghna. Dada ji blesses Meghna for a happy life ahead and gives Mayank’s factory to her as a gift. Even Naren gives land to her for Mr. Goenka’s school for the blind. Mr. and Mrs. Goenka play a drama to get the marriage cancelled. They plan something big so that Meghna herself will refuse to marry him.

Pooja imagines her wedding with Naren in the presence of the family. Meghna gets ready for the marriage and doesn’t know what will happen with her. Pooja determines to protect Meghna and her life. She decides to be with Meghna until the marriage is done. Meghna’s big day finally arrives. Supriya makes Meghna wear the ancestral jewelry. She wishes Meghna for her new life. Everyone is happy for Meghna. Meghna’s marriage will have big drama. Meghna will be getting kidnapped. Pooja will be finding Meghna and expose the kidnapper. Will Mr. Goenka succeed in his evil plan to disrespect Meghna for her blindness? Keep reading.






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