Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: A moment for pride for Ratan-Diya


Ratan comes to know about Meethi’s identity as a terrorist, as she attacks him and locks him in room. Diya searches for Ratan when Vivah Event Begins. Imposter Deepu asks Meethi to get ready to attack foreign delegate IRIC who came to see the event. Ratan gains consciousness and comes to Diya. He tells her that Meethi is a terrorist and he found gun and bomb with her. Diya realizes Meethi and Imposter are together and wants to kill foreign delegates and their royal family. Diya smartly decodes the code which Imposter told to Meethi and realizes that the target is IRIC.

Imposter asks Bhuvan to welcome the British delegates with the special pearl necklace. Bhuvan is about to put necklace on IRIC’s neck. Diya tells Ratan that they have less time and have to save IRIC and many lives from Imposter’s terror attack.

Ratan and Diya fail Imposter’s plan to kill IRIC and exposes him before everyone. All Singh family regrets to doubt on real Ratan and repents for their misbehavior. Diya tells them that she was sure from the beginning that her Ratan is Maan Singh’s son and he is not a fraud. She says even though Imposters showed proofs to prove himself as Ratan, but she never doubted on Ratan even once. Ratan gets touched with Diya’s love and trust on him, which helped him get back his identity back and defeated Imposter’s plans. Ratan and Diya feel proud of each other.



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