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Naamkarann: Mogli gets kidnapped. Avni seeks help from police. Mitali assures to find Mogli. Neil proves Avni innocent when Avni gets accused for kidnapping Mogli. Neil tells Mitali that this was Kamini’s trap for Avni. He exposes Kamini by proving her crimes. Avni hugs Mogli and sheds tears. She is glad that Neil has protected Mogli. He doesn’t let Avni get arrested. He asks Mitali to punish Kamini. He brings out Kamini’s truth. Kamini tries to defend herself. Neil plays the recording where she confesses her crimes. Kamini gets arrested.


Harak Singh asks Kishan lal to hire Ludhiana’s local goon to get Soumya killed. Kishan Lal goes to Sameer’s shop owner house, and offers him money asking him to kill Soumya. Sameer’s shop owner sees Soumya’s picture and realizes she is the woman who came with Sameer. He goes to Sameer’s house with his goons and tells them that someone hired him to kill Soumya. Soumya, Sameer and his mum are left in a shock by this new conspiracy.


Woh Apna Sa:
Jia’s pregnancy news comes as a shock for everyone. Akash questions her about the pregnancy. He asks Arjun to stay away. Arjun believes he is the father of the child. Ambika doesn’t want to accept this. She scolds Jia. She holds Jia responsible for ruining Arjun and Akash’s lives. She calls Jia characterless. She commands Jia to leave from the house. Rano gets happy seeing the drama. She wants to get rid of Jia soon.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja imagines her wedding with Naren in the presence of the family. Meghna gets ready for the marriage and doesn’t know what will happen with her. Pooja determines to protect Meghna and her life. She decides to be with Meghna until the marriage is done.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan and Diya fail Imposter’s plan to kill IRIC and exposes him before everyone. All Singh family regrets to doubt on real Ratan and repents for his misbehavior. Diya tells them that she was sure from the beginning that her Ratan is Maan Singh’s son and he is not a fraud. She says even though Imposters showed proofs to prove himself as Ratan, but she never doubted on Ratan even once. Ratan gets touched with Diya’s love and trust on him, which helped him get back his identity back and defeated Imposter’s plans. Ratan and Diya feel proud of each other.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil doesn’t agree to the workers demand. He tells them that they can’t convince him for anything by protesting. He doesn’t understand the workers’ demands and needs. He feels they are wrong to get against the company who is helping them earn. He doesn’t understand the worker and company’s bond. He comes home and tells Vedika about the bad day at office. He says its a big loss for the company, since the workers are on strike. He tells her the entire matter of the workers rebelling against his decisions. Vedika explains him that he has to keep expectations of his family. She makes him realize his mistake.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya informs King that Kaira’s admission is done by the celebrity whom he sent on time. King tells her that he didn’t ask anyone to get the admission done. Pragya is surprised and says may be that man has some relation with Kiara that he helped her. Pragya isn’t aware of Abhi and Kiara’s friendship. Pragya completes admission procedure of Kiara in the school. Kiara and Sunny to study in same class. Though Abhi has moved on in life, his heart still beats for Pragya. Abhi realizes that he still loves Pragya. He finds it hard to deal with his emotions. He has no idea that Pragya is in the same city, and very soon they are going to come face to face.

Inspector tells Vivaan that he has opened Pammi’s murder case, which was not investigated well before. Vivaan asks him to find out Pammi, if she is alive. He wonders how did the police get death certificate years ago, who made the fake documents in her favor. He asks Inspector to find all the possibilities of her survival. He wants to meet Pammi and know her crimes by herself. He wants Pammi to accept her crimes. Meera and Roma also want to know about Pammi, but for a different motive.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Despite having good intentions, Zara fails to prove herself. Zara tells Ruksar that just she will be Kabeer’s wife, and none can take her place. Zara has gone against Kabeer and hurt his ego. Ruksar asks Zara is she veiling her fear. Zara tells her that she isn’t scared as she has all rights on Kabeer. Kabeer gets upset with Zara, even when she has showered her love on her. Despite Zara’s immense love and dedication, Kabeer gets flown by his ego. He chooses Ruksar’s support over Zara. Zara gets a big shock by his decision.


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