Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth to spoil Teni’s haldi ceremony

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Iqbal and Teni have a sweet moment, when she gets her haldi applied. Parth meets Teni in her haldi ceremony. He gets unhappy seeing the ceremony. Parth creates a drama, which turns troubling for everyone. Parth tries to stop the haldi ceremony by some way. Parth tells Teni that she should tell Iqbal; about him. He says it will be like cheating Iqbal, if she really wants to be true, she should say the truth, else her lies would mean she still feels for Parth. Teni gets raging hearing his words. She reprimands him and slaps him. She asks Parth to stay away from her. Parth has hope that Teni has feelings for her. He wants to test Teni’s love and his fate.

Iqbal’s aunt gets to know a big truth about Teni. She meets the doctor in the haldi function. She learns about Teni’s first pregnancy and delivery. Teni appears very happy and enjoys the haldi rasam.

Aunt worries for Iqbal. She wants to cancel Iqbal and Teni’s marriage. She doesn’t intend to accept Teni knowing her past. Aunt gets happy that they got saved from Teni. She calls her sister and asks her to know Teni’s medical reports and the past. She says Teni has delivered a child, she didn’t tell us anything about her old relationship. She asks her sister to save Iqbal’s life from spoiling. Iqbal isn’t aware of the truth.







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